Wednesday, May 16, 2007

from 5/15/2007

I did no cooking last night, but I did do some snacking!

I went to book club, and I brought the spiced caramel corn and sprouted hummus. Kara made these beautiful little fresh rolls that were amazingly deelish. Roya brought a vegan peanut-butter pie that was bomb. And, there were fresh veggies and fruit, edamame, and greyhounds (the drink, not the dog). Yummy.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Pirates game with Lauren, and volunteered to make the snacks. I want to make the Sprouted Garbanzo Burgers, but need to make them vegan. The original recipe calls for four eggs, so I've thought about using flax seeds, but they have a fairly distinctive taste--especially with that many. Maybe half flax seeds and half soy yogurt? Maybe some vegetable broth? Anyone have any ideas? I'm gonna be really bummed if they don't come out since it takes about 4-5 days to sprout the little babies.

Awwww, babies!
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I'm currently enjoying a cup of Guayaki Greener Green Tea, compliments of Hurd. She gave all the book clubbers a snack-pack of the greener green and the mate chocolate tea last night. I'm not really such a fan of yerba mate (so bitter!), but Hurd raves about this tea, and it's good for you (mate, green tea, lemongrass), so I'm giving it a try. After a (big) spoon of honey, it's pretty good. But, I'll stick with my favorite tea of all time. Lemon Solstice from Tea Source ( It's a black tea with
almond brittle, lemongrass, flavor (??), licorice roots, strawberry pieces, and blackberry pieces. An ex-girlfriend's dad sent her some from Minnesota, and I've been hooked ever since. It's the Best Tea In The World!

I have not lost a pound in almost two weeks. That is making me mad. But, mostly mad at myself because I haven't been exercising. My feet have really been bothering me (
plantar fasciitis), but I finally made an appointment with a podiatrist for this Friday. I normally am not such a big fan of the doctor's office, but I can't wait for this appointment. I hope he's able to help. I'm ready to get out and about. But, in the meantime I could be doing yoga or swimming, which I'm not. I gotta get on the stick. I've become complacent, and complacency is never good. At least Operation Sappho is this weekend where I will surely shake it-shake it.

A woman I work with stopped by my desk a bit ago, and said, "why do you always have weird food on your desk? are you a vegetarian or something?" (I had soybeans, some spiced popcorn and a wrap on my desk). So, we started talking about food and nutrition and organic/local and farmers markets and all the stuff that I LOVE to talk about, and now she wants me to send her info on the Firehouse farmers market and CSAs and the co-op! Hee! And, two other women wandered over during the conversation, and they want the info, too. I love it when eating is a political act.

And, that reminds me. My mom called this weekend while I was cooking, and I was telling her about what I was making. She cautioned me, "You know that organic can kill you, right?". Um, what?! Somehow she had the idea that all the e-coli outbreaks were organic products and that "they use cow manure, and it can creep up the stems and kill you." Now, meanwhile, my step-dad grew up on a farm, which they now live on. It's no longer functional, but they do have a garden every year. Which they fertilize. With manure. Evidently my mom doesn't realize this. I don't know. Or, maybe they say that organic stuff is from the devil on Christian talk radio. But, she did buy tofu and soy crumbles last week. She hasn't used them, but they're still in the fridge. Probably plotting her demise.

I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that the subject of this Natalie Dee ( comic is organic.
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