Thursday, May 24, 2007

ehrrin vs the cable

Okay. I posted a month (or two?) ago making a big statement how I was going to shut my cable off and then spend all the time I was saving by not watching television by working out and getting in a shape and also saving money and stuff.

But then? They called me the next day and wooed me back with promises of discounts and the like. But in real life my rates went up--not down--and I had technical problems for a month which required me calling them almost every day, then taking off work for a half-day so they could come out and bring me a new box. But, I stuck with it because I am a "Lost" and "American Idol" (oh, Blake, I tried!) and "Ugly Betty" addict. But, guess what, Comcast? Seasons finales for all three shows have been completed (but, I'm watching the "Lost" finale tonight--so, NO SPOILERS, folks!). So--too bad, so sad, Comcast! As soon as the final credits roll on my dvr'ed "Lost" finale, you and I are over. For real. And, we're not getting back together no matter what you say! (until January for the L-Word premiere. I'm only one woman? what do you expect of me???)

And, then my plan of spending all the time I spent in front of the tube into healthy time will magically come to fruition!

I am doing a fun exercise thing this weekend, actually. I'm going kayaking downtown on Saturday afternoon with a group of about ten ladies through Kayak Pittsburgh (, and then we're going to have a picnic afterwards. Fun! (if you want in, email me!)

I'm also hitting up the Rachel Carson Centennial Birthday Block Party on Sunday. It sounds so super-fun! Here's the scoop on that:

And, dog-sitting my man Zeke on Sunday-Tuesday, too. Good times.

Speaking of goodness, I made a lovely dinner last night (which is also now my lunch, and I'm eating it Right Now).

I got some fresh pasta at Penn Mac ( last weekend, and one of the flavors I got was orange-ginger-sesame, so I made that last night with some carrots, peas, asparagus and green onions. First I sauteed some ginger, garlic and red pepper flakes in a skillet with a little toasted sesame oil, then added the carrots & onions, then the peas & asparagus over semi-high heat, and cooked them for about 3 minutes until everyone was brightly colored and beautiful. Then added some Bragg's Liquid Aminos (could use soy sauce), a little more toasted sesame oil and a little honey. Coated all the veggies, then tossed with the pasta, and topped with some more green onions, some grated lemon zest and some toasted sesame seeds. Yum.
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I had leftover pasta, but I'd eaten all the veggies, so I made the same thing again this morning, except without the carrots (only because I was out).
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I seem to have started developing a case of pms again (grrr!). Between the two-week pms last month, and the nine-day dms (during menstrual syndrome), it pretty much just ended! What the bleep?! Annoying. I realized it was starting up yesterday when I found myself driving way out of my way to try a cupcake from Coco's ( I'd heard that there was a rivalry between them and Dozen (, and I've tried Dozen, so I wanted to try Coco's. I declare Dozen the winner! They both have way too much frosting (actually, the cupcake I really like from Dozen is the lemon-lavender which has a lemon royal icing and is perfect, but most of the cupcakes have buttercream frosting piled absurdly high). Like, WAY too much. Makes them look impressive, but totally overwhelms the cupcake, and I just scrape almost all of it off anyway. I had some kind of espresso cupcake with Kahlua frosting. They frosting really just tasted like butter. Like, an entire stick of butter whipped and plopped on top of a cupcake. The cupcake was okay, but eh. Actually, I'd heard that there was another place called Food, Glorious Food in Highland Park that beat them both, but I think it's since closed. Too bad. Anyway, my uterus was not amused.

I think I found a buyer on Craigslist for Scout (the bike I bought from CL, but it ended up being a kids' bike, and is way too small). I hope so. I would like to have that money back to put towards a grown-up bike.

What am I going to make for dinner tonight? I'm thinking maybe just a salad and some edamame. Lauren is coming over to watch the "Lost" finale with me, so maybe I'll try to think up a tasty vegan tv-style treat...


Ashley said...

I would just like to say that the LOST finale was off the effing chain. Just so you know.

I would also like to say that I am completely unimpressed with Dozen.

Ashley said...

Oh, and I would also like to say that I tried too, Blake.

Karen said...

You can always come over to my new house to watch The L Word in January. My boyfriend is obsessed and we may start having viewing parties for lesbians without cable.