Wednesday, May 16, 2007

from 4/12/2007

Oh man. My uterus is staging some kind of rebellious coup. I feel kind of like leftover, microwaved ass. Yuck. And, I'm crabby. I normally don't have bad moods very often, but then they save themselves up and come all at once. Thank the baby jesus that I have tomorrow off from work. I've done very little here this week, which just makes me get all anxious and procrastinate more. Gah! Okay. As soon as I finish this post I will buckle down.

I didn't cook anything last night, either. Not even the fiddleheads! I just crashed. I did soak some pinto beans, though, and I put them in the slow-cooker this morning with a piece of kombu, so they'll be done and delicious when I get home from work. Sweet.

Oh! I do have some good--no, great--news! I got an email back from Heidi! And, she was really sweet and awesome like I knew she would be, and she suggested another food person I check out. Rebecca Wood. I checked out her site, and have requested a couple of her books from the library. Here's a little thing about how to cook beans (with kombu!) from her site:

Okay, I'm already in a better mood just thinking about Heidi and currently cooking beans and a new whole grain foodie/cook person to read about.

I need to read up on some more stuff to dehydrate. I was planning on using it last night, but didn't do a damn thing, so hopefully I'll be taking it on its maiden journey tonight. I want to make some kinds of crackers, and whatever else I find online today. Ooh, mesquite meal crackers would be tasty...

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