Wednesday, May 16, 2007

from 4/24/2007

Well, I "forgot" to take Cook 1.0 back to the library yesterday. Sorry, person-who-is-waiting-for-it! I actually really did forget. I had a nagging feeling on my way home that I was supposed to do something, but couldn't remember what it was--it was going to the library and going to WF to get kombucha. Dang! But, it's actually good, 'cause I needed to use this cookbook just one more time. I want to make some snacks for the Ramp Festival Road Trip, and I think I've found the perfect idea from Cook 1.0: pocket tarts! They're really cute, sound tasty, and, like all of Heidi's recipes, are simple. So, I'm going to copy those pages so I can make up some of these little guys for treats on the winding way through WV. She has a few differnet filling ideas, but I think you could pretty much put anything tasty in there and they'd be perfect. I think I'll make them up on Friday night and then bake them on Saturday morning before we leave so they'll be warm and toasty. Yum.

I can't wait for ramps! And, for a good ol' fashioned WV road trip!

Last night was the queer dinner at Gypsy Cafe. Good times, good peeps, good food and a freakishly accurate tarot reading. Rebecca is so freakishly accurate that sometimes I wonder if she follows me around all month to pick up details to amaze me with during the reading. I'm not telling what she told me, but suffice it to say that it was pretty right-on. Crazy. Okay, I will tell one thing. She said that I'd made a choice in the last week or two that was really health, but a struggle. She said that I'd struggle with it for another month, but ultimately be successful. I think she's talking about the smoking. And, speaking of the smoking, I'm now at 1 week, 4 days, and have saved $55.25 by not buying cigarettes. Pretty crazy.
So, I had my first post-smoking weigh-in today. I stayed exactly the same--not up, not down. I'm okay with that. I was secretly terrified of gaining weight when I quit smoking because you always hear about that, and because so often when you have a craving there's a tendency to satisfy it with something else--like food. I have indulged a little bit, but not too badly. Next week it'll go down. Swear.

This morning I started the day with a lovely smoothie. Today I had some fresh strawberries, some banana chunks I had frozen, and some frozen mango with some soymilk and maca root powder. The maca is actually a stimulant, so I think it's a good start-of-the-morning ingredient. Plus, it's supposed to make you all virile and increase your libido and stuff (hellooooooo, ladies...). Plus, it's supposed to help increase endurance, so it's good if you're exercising. It tastes a little funky by itself, but a little in a smoothie is lovely.

I tried the Mango Kombucha juice last night (Ellen brought a bottle to the dinner), and it's fantastic! Even better than the gingerade! (Nowlzie--try the mango! you'll like it!) I really am going to try to remember to go by WF after work today and stock up. Plus, I need some ingredients for the pocket tarts, so I'd better decide what's going in them. I'd like to make a couple varieties. And, I need some tofu. And, asparagus. And, peas. And, basil. And, cherry tomatoes. Yum. Okay, making a list...

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