Tuesday, May 15, 2007

from 4/11/2007

Wow. I am one lucky lady. I had maybe the best birthday ever! Fantastic friends--old and new, delectable food, liberally flowing libations, thoughtful and amazing gifts, a little karaoke. That is a recipe for a real good time.

And, guess what I got! The Excalibur 4-tray Food Dehydrator! This is the top dog of dehydrators, and integral to raw food goodness! I can't wait to start drying delicious foods and start making some of the recipes in Raw Food/Real World! Thank you, Jen and Maggie! This is a serious gift! I freaking love it! There are so many things I want to make. You guys are invited over for a raw food feast soon! Actually, any of you who are interested is, too. I plan to use it a lot.

I also got tons of other incredibly awesome gifts! A gift certificate to Whole Foods! A callous-scraper and promises of a pedicure date including homemade treats (from Ellen's kitchen, aka the good stuff!), the cutest art piece ever in the shape of a little foam dog, cute crayoned vegetable art, a rockin' mix with my new favorite song, a Steve Perry tape (that even my broken car tape player will play!), wristbands and likker, a lunch date with my birthday twin, dinner, drinks, a karaoke threesome, cards, emails, comments, calls, good wishes and the wonderful reminder of how lucky I am to have so many super people in my life--and not even just for the gifts! I'm just really blessed with fantastic friends. I humbly realize this every day, but yesterday was an especially great reminder that I'm loved and have lots of people to love. I feel really warm and fuzzy.

And, I didn't cook a lick yesterday, but I did eat some yummy food. Elizabeth and I went to Spice Island Tea House for lunch. I love this place! I hadn't been there forever (why???) which made it even more special. I had the Java Fried Rice (vegetarian, with tofu) and genmaicha tea. Freakin' fab. And, for dinner we went to Abay (my love), and got an ass-load of delicious delights. We got some veggie sambussa, a bunch of platters--inguday wat, misir wat, kay sir dinich, ayib be gomen, fosolia, tikil gomen, ye' abesha gomen--dang (and I've got leftovers for lunch!) and dessert so good it could bring a tear to your eye--I had banana wraps with brown cinnamon ice cream and honey. Whoa. That is a feast.

So, tonight I will do some cookin'. I want to use my fiddleheads, and want something good and grainy. I got some millet the other day, and haven't tried it yet. That sounds good. I bet it's gonna be tasty. I love how little and perfect the grains are. I'll have to go see what Heidi says about millet...

Speaking of Heidi, I sent her a fan letter yesterday. Do you think it was inappropriate to just write: HEIDI, I LOVE YOU. I THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME. I THINK WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER, OK?

Just kiddin', but still. Yes, I am a giddy schoolgirl when it comes to authors I love. I hope she writes back.

And, speaking of authors who write back, Alison Bechdel is coming to Pittsburgh! She's speaking at CMU on Monday! I'm so excited I could pee!

I just uploaded all my pictures from last night. Email me if you wanna see them. They're cute!

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