Wednesday, May 16, 2007

from 4/18/2007

Oh man, I definitely needed a night off last night. I was whipped! I went home after work, rode my bike around for about 15 minutes, and then crumpled on the couch, and tried not to think about how badly I wanted to smoke, and strained to remember why I quit in the first place.

But, I stuck it out. It's tough! But, I just keep telling myself that I never, ever want to have to go through the quitting process again, because it sucks ass, so I can't give up. So, day six.

Here's a little counter I found online:

QuitMeter Counter courtesy of

I did, however, indulge a bit yesterday--not with cigarettes, but with a free cone from Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day yesterday. 'Cause the only thing that tastes better than ice cream is free ice cream! I tried out one of the new flavors--Cinnamon Buns (which, strangely, I called "Cinnamon Bones" when I ordered it). Ice cream is one of my biggest weaknesses, so I have to just get it on the outside. I just can't keep it in my house. Every once and a while I'll break down and get some frozen yogurt or sorbet for home, but I really can't be trusted with it either! I'd done pretty well with it until last week when I scarfed down nearly an entire pint of the B&J Lowfat Frozen Yogurt Cherry Garcia. It's not that bad in reasonable doses, but I lose all self-control when it comes to ice cream. I've tried going with the Skinny Cow cones, too, and have the same thing. So yeah. Gotta get it on the outside. But, man, the Cinnamon Buns is good!

I need to start making my own ice cream/frozen yogurt/sorbet again. I have a little manual ice cream maker, and have made some really tasty ones in the past, but they were all pretty high-fat. I'd like to make some of my own yogurt in my spiffy new food dehydrator, and then make it into some lowfat frozen yogurt. I have a recipe for rose petal ice cream. I can't wait until roses are out, and hopefully a friend will let me take some petals to candy. Doesn't that sound delicious and beautiful? In the meantime, I'd like to try making a basil frozen yogurt. I had a basil ice cream a few years ago at Casbah, and it was awesome--really fresh-tasting. Yum.

Okay, enough about ice cream. I have the raw foods (un)cooking class tonight at Whole Foods! I'm really looking forward to it since I enjoyed the Vegan Cooking Class so much, and it's the same guy conducting it. The focus is on salad dressings and nut milks. Plus, Hurd got me a gift certificate to Whole Foods for my birthday, and I'm itching to use it!

Remember me obsessing about ramps not long ago? Well, I'd asked my parents to bring me some when they came up last weekend, but unfortunately they weren't able to find any. It had been really cold there, and they'd gotten a bit of snow, so they weren't to be found. But, I'd had fantasies of hitting up ramp festivals all over WV. Time and other stuff have rendered that fantasy moot, but I am going to go to the Ramp Cook-Off & Festival in Elkins on next Saturday (4/28)! Woot! Ellen's in. If you're interested in going, too, let me know. I think we're going to leave here around 8:30 a.m., then it's about a three-hour drive, then probably leave there mid-afternoon to be back here on Saturday evening. Here's a link to this festival:

Ramps! Road trip! Right on!

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