Wednesday, July 11, 2007

okay, baby steps.

Well, as you may have gathered from my whiny, morose post yesterday, I've kinda been down in the dumps. But, I got a really sweet email from Nowlzie this morning reminding me of the fundamentals and to take it one step at a time. So, I decided that I'm going to approach one goal each day, and then add on from there. Today's goal is to drink at least 64 oz of water. I used to be so good at this, but it's always a struggle. But, it's 1:01 p.m., and I have over half of it (40 oz.) down so far. Yay!

I'm also wondering if the down-in-the-dumps thing isn't a reaction to my therapist moving. Who knows? But, yeah. Baby steps.

Last night I needed--no, wanted--some comfort food. First I tried to talk Hurd into going to Spice Island Tea House for my favorite, number one comfort food--java fried rice (and then was imagining a trip to Dave & Andy's afterwards). But, she declined because she was going to the gym, and suggested that I make something comparable. So, I made Heidi's Millet Fried "Rice" (I made this a couple months ago, too, and posted the recipe here), and added in some broccoli, peas, and sprinkled on some of my baked shittakes. It wasn't as spicy and greasalicious as the java fried rice, but it was pretty good. I'd forgotten my camera card, but took a pic with my phone. So, the quality's not great but:
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On the down side of last night...I bought a pack of cigarettes and two Heath ice cream bars. I figure if I make myself confess here on the blog, I'll be less likely to do it. We'll see. Thanks for following along with me, and for the reassurance--I can really use it right now!

In other news, hopefully the mystery illness will be identified soon. I went in this morning for my blood tests, and have the abdominal ultrasound tomorrow morning, and then a doctor's appointment next week to discuss the results. Keep your fingers crossed for me. But, the ear/throat thing did mostly clear up with the allergy medicine, so here's hoping it's an easy fix.

In other actual-good news, I've been doing well at the saving! Barring any disasters, I'm hoping that I'll have $400 at the end of the month! Who knew I could do that?!


A said...

It's all a process: you're in training to be the "you" you want to be. It won't happen over night, and it won't happen without mistakes and fumbles along the way.

Wow, I sound like a fancy motivational speaker. Regardless, I still think what I said is true.

Ehrrin said...

I think I like it when you're a fancy motivational speaker! Thanks!