Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ps. one happy thing, one sad

I went for it. I walked down into Oakland proper and got myself a little pick-me-up in the form of a big plate of java fried rice from Spice Island Tea House. This stuff is amazing. I was studying it between bites, but I honestly don't know how they make it so delicious. It is magical. And, at lunch it's only $5.95 (plus $.50 for adding tofu). Dang. I am in love with it! And, it's enough that I was totally happy eating half, and then having the other half to bring home for dinner later. The gift that keeps on giving. I think I may also have just officially started pms-ing today, as that's when my need for java fried rice peaks. I resisted last month, but Spice Island won today. The sweetest defeat I've ever suffered. [if anyone knows the secret recipe, i will give you one gajillion dollars* for it]. It says it has "sweet soy sauce" on the menu. What's sweet soy sauce? It also has millions of bits of tofu (as well as the big chunks added for the $.50), onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green bell peppers, bits of red chilis, green beans, mushroom, egg and crispy shallots.

And, speaking of sweetness? I topped my lunchtime extravaganza off with a cone of cinnamon-apple-honey-granola yogurt from Dave & Andy's. This is my favorite meal on earth, I think.

But, the sad thing referenced in the title of this post? I was going to bottle my kombucha, and when I took one of the canisters out I saw that it had a tear in the paper towel cover, and there were freakin' fruit flies in it. So, I had to throw out a whole batch and two mothers. Luckily I still have two, so can start new batches today, but that's sad. No one wants fruit fly larvae in their fermented beverage treat.

*don't try redeeming this shit. there's no such thing as a gajillion, sucker.


Anonymous said...

what a bitch re: the kombucha, eh? ain't that some shit.

you're making a hurd want some java fried rice w/ tofu. i wonder whether they have a helicopter delivery service to edgewood.

mike said...

Hi guys, I am looking for kombucha starter. Anyone willing to share

Ehrrin said...

Hi Mike, I have a couple batches going right now, and have these mothers promised out, but I can get you in on the next batch if you're interested?

mike said...

Thanks a lot Ehrrin, let me know as soon as one becomes available. I live in Polish Hill.