Friday, July 20, 2007

busy beaver

Man, it has been a busy week. Still is, in fact. And, a week of lots of ups and downs--most of which I don't really want to talk about publicly, but it all seems to even out. The universe likes balance, it seems.

Anyhow, let me tell you about two highlights of my week.

One was last night. I went to see Neko Case at the Byham. I bought my tickets a while ago, and expected that they'd be sorta good, but they were hella good (that's the first time I've used "hella"; I'm trying it out)! We were in the fourth row! Amazing! Neko, I love you! She has this voice that blows me away--the range, the richness. Again, amazing. And, she played for hours! Incredible! She just seems really sweet and humble and fun. I still remember the first time I heard her. I used to subscribe to CMJ magazine to find out about what the kids were listening to, and "Twist The Knife" by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends was on that compilation, and I listened to it over and over and over. She didn't play that one last night, but she did play lots of other favorites.

And, her back-up singer, Kelly Hogan, was a riot. I liked the opening band, too--Eric Bachman. Especially this instrumental number called "To the Races". Good stuff.

That show made my heart feel full of joy.

Another thing that made my heart full of joy this week was a meeting that Ellen and I had with Brad Spencer and Elena (didn't catch her last name). They're part of a committee working to create a North Side Food Co-op. I heard about plans a few months ago, and sent out some emails trying to get some info to no avail, but then a few weeks ago my pal Sandra forwarded me an email about the co-op. I sent an email to the google group asking for more info, and then started emailing with Brad about it (he even reads this here blog--hi, Brad!). I thought it was awesome that there would be a co-op in the North Side, but really, this is so much larger and more incredible in scope than I'd ever imagined. It's freakin' revolutionary! They are envisioning a community meeting place where local growers/producers of all sorts would bring their products there and interact with the community members in a very real way. They are envisioning setting up all sorts of local gardens for the community. They are envisioning the co-op being a place where community members could cook meals--in both commercial and non-commercial kitchens. There would be space for meeting and eating and joining together. I got to see some of the plans, and the inspirations, and folks? It was one of the most exciting conversations I've had in and about Pittsburgh! Seriously. This new model for what a co-op can be will rock your socks in the best possible of ways. Really. And, guess what? You don't have to just rely on these little snippets. Tonight there is a community meeting, and you can come and get more information and Be A Part Of Making Pittsburgh A Better Place To Be. Here's the scoop:

If you are interested in making the Northside Community Grocer Coop (NCGC) a reality, please join us this Friday evening for an important meeting to help JUMPSTART the efforts of our MEMBERSHIP Committee.

Meeting details and AGENDA are provided below:
DATE: Friday, July 20th (yes, THIS Friday)
TIME: 7:00 pm-8:30pm (Meeting will start and end ON TIME)
LOCATION: Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church;
416 West North Ave, on the corner of North Ave and Resaca Place (North Side of Pittsburgh)

If you would like more information prior to attending, please email:

North Side Community Grocery Coop Steering Committee

This weekend should be action-packed with goodness, too! I'm attending that meeting tonight, and tomorrow E-dawg and I are meeting up in the morning to ride bikes over to the Firehouse Farmers Market. It'll be the first time I hafta ride my bike up Troy Hill. I'm a little scared, but I'm just going to try to take it slow, and use my gears to the best advantage. I can't wait to pack my little milk crate with fresh goodies and ride around. I think I will feel both happy and badass--what's a better combo than that?

If it's warm in the afternoon we're going to hit another city pool. I'm voting for something close to Squirrel Hill because last Saturday I got a red velvet cupcake from Dozen, and it freaked my freak it was so good. I want one. I know that is not what I should be eating to make my way towards the elusive 200-pound crossing mark, but dang. That is some good stuff. But, speaking of making my way down, I did re-lose a couple more pounds. I'm now at 209. You can do it, little guy! (I mean me. I needed a cheer.)

Also on Saturday, it's the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh DYKE MARCH!!! Woo hoo! Sweet! Dyketastic! Ladyriffic! I'm really excited. Last year was awesome, and I can only assume that this year will be Even Better. And, then afterwards there's a picnic (byop), and that night there's an Operation Sappho dance party spectacular! Right on!

Sunday I'm a-gonna go swimmin' again if it's warm enough, then meet up for my weekly Scrabble Showdown with The Gooch. She's goin' dahn!!!

ps. here is the gorgeousness that is Java Fried Rice:
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ps. we went to Sue Murray pool in the N.Side on Wednesday, and it got two thumbs up, way up (actually four 'cause both of us gave it a thumbs' up). here's a friend we met in the pool:

As fun as that friend was, I'll stick with this one:
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Happy Friday, my peeps! Make the most of your weekend!


A said...

There is no shame in getting off your bike and walking up a hill. Especially not one like Troy Hill!

Anonymous said...

Choose your friend wisely, I think the bag may be able to hold more than me...if that matters to you...

Anonymous said...

re: last night, excuze-ah-me BUT:

1. Did you go to Neko Case by yourself?
2. Did you have your ticket with you at all times last night?
3. Did you, or did you not, attempt to hurt a Hurd by hanging out with debit card theives while a Hurd stood alone on a sketchy Pittsburgh sidewalk?
4. On a scale of 1-10, with "one" signifying little to none and "ten" signifying a lot, how much lesbian gang violence did you perpetrate on others last night?