Monday, October 1, 2007

week, weekend, what's the difference?

I'm feeling surly this morning. The transinclusion debate continued hard-n-heavy over the weekend, and continued to devolve further into nastiness. It's wearing me out. Right now I feel like saying "eff it" to the list, calendar, events, the whole shebang, and cap it off with a big ol' "EFFFFF YOOUUUUUU!!" (including appropriate hand gestures) to all the haters. I won't, but that's what I feel like doing. I'm just really profoundly saddened that this (queer women's) community isn't what I thought it was. My sails = no wind.

I also wrapped up my two-week pet-sitting gig last night. Two weeks was a long time. I'm really, really, really glad to be back home, and back in the lovin' arms of my K-Bear and China-Bear. Going back and forth across town every day got to be a drag. Actually, I got home last night and unloaded all my stuff (clothes, books, food) that I brought back home from the pet-sit house, and realized--to my hearty dismay--that I'd left one item there, and it was an item that I definitely needed. My book for the upcoming queer book club discussion on this Wednesday. And, I hadn't finished it yet (and still have about 200 pages to go!), and was planning on reading it last night. D'oh! So, I hauled my ass back across town, grabbed it, then back again, cursing all the way.

But, I did have a nice happy hour(s) on Friday. I realized that it was my last day of being in an apartment where I could saunter right down the street and do happy hour at a gay bar, so I convinced Kramer (so hard to twist her arm!) to come along for the happiest of hours at 5801. There we ran into a couple of gals that I'd met a time or two, and they sat down with us, and we had a swell ol' time for a couple hours chatting, then they left, and E-dawg rolled in for a bit, then Hurd and Kara. Good times. My happy hour ended around 11-ish. Then, I checked my email to find it full of hate. But, I already talked about that.

Saturday I met up with E-dawg for a bit at Cafe Richard in the Strip, then went home to nap and get ready for The Gooch's cook-out. The shindig was super! It was chock-full of good potluck grub and nerdy (in a good way) artists. I talked about evolution, religion, the nature of the human experience, personality profiling (Myers-Briggs style), and heard a dramatic reading of a children's poem called "The Gooch Machine". Fun.

Sunday Kramer and I checked out Oh Yeah! for some "breakfast ice cream". Mine was squarely in the 'eh' category. (I got extreme vanilla ice cream and added the "mixins" banana, pineapple and coconut). It was runny and melty, and just not very good. I threw away most of it, and then realized I could've bought two pints of Ben-n-Jerry's for what I paid for that. So, if I'm in that 'hood I might go back for coffee (their cappuccino is delicious *and* fair trade), but probably not for the ice cream.

Then, we hit up The Waterfront--one of my least favorite places on earth. But, I needed a new belt (mine disintegrated last week) and a white bra. I ended up with much more than that, but it wasn't really painful at all. But, lunch was. We were trying to think of some place that had vegan offerings (for Kramer), and didn't suck (for me. heh.). I thought about a Mexican restaurant I'd seen in Squirrel Hill on Murray. So, we checked it out. Cuzamil, a couple doors down from Sree's. It wasn't good. I got huevos rancheros, and was very underwhelmed. Kramer got the veggie fajitas, and pronounced them 'eh'.

Strike Two! I hate that! I paid to eat out twice yesterday, and both were sucky! Bummer!

I have Mondayitis, and I've got it bad. Is there any hope for a cure?!


~A~ said...

Don't let the haters get you down. There are plenty of us in Pittsburgh who find the whole trans-discrimination thing that seemed to have happened here revolting and who have got your back. You may just not know all of us.... :)

And hey, there's always Tuesday. And yummy non-discriminatory dinner on Saturday to look forward to.

Ehrrin said...

Thanks, ~a~. I'll look forward to meeting you on Saturday at the non-discriminatory dinner!

jenkramer said...

it is a sad, sad day when i have more fun shopping at the waterfront than i do eating. and that day was yesterday. bland mexican food, "vegan" ice cream tainted by honey. all overpriced. makes me wanna cry.

however, getting to the waterfront was a different story. keenan tried to kill me!

and, i really have no idea what you mean by that arm twisting comment...

Sue said...

I like the term non-discriminatory dinner, especially in the context of some dinners (well, meals) that sucked. Interesting juxtaposition. I hate meals that suck and I shake my fist against the gods who took my limited dining funds for suckage.

I hope Saturday is fun. Even though no one "gives a shit" what I have to say ... they may give a shit about my restaurant choices. I hope. I'm bringing wine called Pink Lady.

edawg said...

Pink Lady! I like the sound of that -- and I give a shit about what you have to say Sue (and of course what Ehrrin has to say)

Looking forward to dinin'