Monday, October 8, 2007

it's only Monday for the unlucky among us.

Even though I totally think that Columbus Day is a sham, I sure wish I had the day off. Hurd has the day off. I wish I were a Hurd.

But, the weekend was nice. I spent it in the company of my good friend Zeke (pet-sitting). And, Friday evening I checked out Gist Street and a drag show at the Eagle. Good times!

Saturday morning e-dawg and I went to the Strip where I picked up some heirloom tomatoes (Blackberry Meadows), shittake mushrooms (Mushrooms For Life), a turnip green pie (Najat's), a asparagus-feta quiche, a chocolate-banana tartlet and some croissant (Cafe Richard). Saturday evening I went to a non-discriminatory dinner at Cambodican with a group of people that had been involved in the transinclusion side of the recent debate (as an alternative to the CTN event). We had a lovely dinner, and I really liked the food. Believe it or not, I had a fried rice dish. And, it was *tons* of food--I got two more meals out of the leftovers!

Sunday was pretty chill. I got up, took a long walk with the Zekester, got coffee from Beleza, went to my house and watched a movie (Puccini For Beginners), took a little nap, another walk, then kicked The Gooch's ass at Scrabble. The Gooch and I met up at the Quiet Storm. I heard that they had a new menu (to be released today), so was hoping for a preview, but didn't see one. But, you can go here today for the scoop. I'm a little worried, though, because I ordered their mac-n-cheese last night, which I've had there before and liked. But, yesterday it looked icky, and tasted even ickier. I almost-never send food back, but I had to return it. The server said they changed the recipe. All I can say is: change it back! That was a big bowlful of bummer.

I didn't bring my camera to the dinner on Saturday, but Emilia snapped a picture of my dinner with her phone. I don't know if you can make it out, but it was good!
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a hurd said...

How did you like Puccini for Beginners? I sure wish that I had a Netflix movie to watch. Sadly, I've become another number in their cleverly designed scheme to hold your movies to get more bang for my birthday gift buck. So, I sit here on my day off, having gone to the gym like a good girl, with no Netflix goodies to entertain me.

edawg said...

How was the Chocolate Banana tartlet?

a hurd said...

your phone situation is hurting my heart.

alienspice said...

oh dear!
sorry to hear of your mac&cheese fiasco at the storm.
can you tell me what you DIDN'T like about it? we changed from white to whole wheat pasta, and added more cheeses. I'm curious to know if it was a texture thing or a taste thing, or if it was burnt or had too much paprika....
you're a good customer and we want you to be happy!
(I don't know if my email will appear when you get this comment, but if not: alienspiceATverizonDOTnet.

Ashley said...

mmmmmm. i love cambodicat. it's delicious.