Wednesday, October 17, 2007

speed of light vs. speed of heat (duh).

I’ve still been in a state of feeding frenzy over the veggie reubens—specifically the Keenan/Kramer Hybrid Model. And, it seems that my post about said veggie reubens created a small stir amongst my loyal readers. Since the potluck-slash-Reuben-Off was canceled last weekend, we’d left everyone high-n-dry with no access to the melty, gooey, tangy-golden goodness that is the Veggie Reuben (hallelujah!).

I’m pet-sitting Zeke for a few days, and I adore his house. Like, not just like it as friends, I like-like, no love-love, this pad. And, it’s way more spacious and accommodating than my lil’ apartment, so I tend to have a friend (or five) over when I’m there. Zeke loves the extra attention (and the higher probability of people-food scraps). Plus, E-dawg just lives about a block away and Sandra and Jessica are just a couple blocks the other. Beleza is two doors down. The park is two blocks away. I LOVE it there. I love Zeke, I love the house, I love the neighborhood, I love the neighbors. I want to either become Zeke’s live-in nanny or make a serious bid in taking this place (and this dog) by way of coup. Squatters Rights!

Anyhow, the perfect locale intersected with the perfect sandwich last night. Zeke and I entertained Sandra, E-dawg, Kara, Kramer and Mags (and Jessica for a few minutes, right at the end). I made up a big ol’ batch of Veggie Reubens and an even bigger batch of roasted potatoes and carrots (yellow fingerlings from the co-op and some redskins and carrots from my CSA). And, we complimented that with some fantastic sparkling pear cider and sparkling spiced apple cider (thanks, Kara!). And, followed that up with some brownies (from Allegro Hearth Bakery) and cupcakes (new flavors from Dozen just released—check the new menu here; we had Bananas Foster and Dark Chocolate). All in all, a lovely autumn dinner with pals. In fact, it was so good that I completely forgot to take pictures for this-here blog. I guess you’ll just have to get in on the next dinner to see it for your only self.

One of the highlights was when Mags explained how she is able to use her bare hands to adjust logs in an open fire, remove items from the oven, pass her fingers through a flame, and cut hot sandwiches in half right out of the skillet. This special skill has earned her the titles of “She-Who-Touches-Fire” and “Asbestos Hands”. When asked to explain How She Does It, she looked at us frankly, and gave us her scientific explanation: speed of light versus speed of heat (with an implied “duh”). This explanation included the indisputable fact of how you can watch your fingers pass through the flame of a candle before you feel it. After being subjected to loud guffaws and merciless ridicule, Mags decided that we just don’t have a firm grasp of thermal dynamics. Like, it’s sorta a World Is Round vs. a World Is Flat debate. We just don’t have the vision to grasp Speed Of Light vs. Speed of Heat.


The party broke up early since Kramer just wouldn’t stop talking about needing to leave. Sheesh!

Tonight I’m heading out to dinner with my good buddy Dan (who’s visiting from L.A. ooh la la!). I’m not sure where we’ll go, but I’m lobbying for Piccolo Fornosince E-dawg gave it a rave review last week. She talked about some kind of ravioli or gnocchi or something in a sage brown butter. I love sage brown butter. I don’t know if it gets much better than sage brown butter. Will report back!

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nowlze said...

that is so funny. i love She Who Touches Fire with Bare Hands.