Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The rain is like a baptism upon my car.

(Do you know that quote?)

I like rain. I like it especially when I'm on the couch, under an afghan (the blanket, not the countrymen), reading, snoozing, watching teen movies. Now, that is a good time. However, that is not what my day is about today. Instead, my day was about a ton of traffic, getting re-routed all over creation on my way to work, and pumping out expense reports. Eh. But, I am going to see the Women's Shorts at the Film Fest tonight, and that's a good time!

In other news, I saw this little dealie on the Pittsburgh Women's Blogger site, and it's interesting, but I don't really understand how they calculate this. But either way, I'm pretty much rich.

My blog is worth $6,209.94.
How much is your blog worth?

I did not cook last night because I was attending this really cool women's discussion group thingy. Really nice--great conversation, good eats, good times. But, I'm gonna have to feed myself this evening. I think I'm just going to make a tofu-veggie stir-fry. I think I'll use the leftover vinaigrette that I made for the fennel relish as the sauce, maybe with a little more ginger. Dang. I want that right now. But, instead I have a Campbell's Classic Tomato soup-at-hand to microwave. Harumph. And, I want a Dozen cupcake. Or, a dozen cupcakes. Either one (or both).

The Richard Simmons costume is slowly coming together. I still need a pair of pink tights (for under the shorts), a pair of tube socks (but Kramer thinks she has a pair I can use), and I need to bust out the Bedazzler to make it all fabulous (oh my god, that site is frightening!). My best costume to date was a couple years ago when an ex-gf and I went as John Waters and Divine. Since she is not a fan of mine anymore, here's a slightly altered image of the awesomeness:
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Isn't that the best EVER???

I showed that to a co-worker last week, and he made me a copy of the film Lust in the Dust, starring Divine. It was absurd. I loved it.
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nowlze said...

please. lloyd dobbler. got any other brain busters?

A said...

that's bogus! it says my blog is worth $0

Anonymous said...
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