Wednesday, October 10, 2007

eat your vegetables.

Folks, I'm plumb-out of inspiration lately. I've got a case of the blahs. But, this helps:
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I'm planning on being Richard Simmons for Halloween. Maybe. But not in the "outfit" above. And, if I can find some shorts (I hate shorts). But still. What are you going to be?


A Hurd said...

Me? I'm gonna be Richard Simmons.

Sue said...

Ledcat and I are going as fairy dykes. With tiaras. Maybe some gauzy wings.

Nat said...

Won't it be a little cold for shorts?

a hurd said...

richard simmons would never find it too cold for shorts!

miss tibbs said...

To be Richard Simmons a must have:
neck merkin, hair dickie - whatever... brown faux fur in an upside down triangle works well - but the best- faux doll's hair from the craft shop - xtra curly.Looks great poking out of a scoop neck yellow t-shirt