Wednesday, August 1, 2007

my first review!

I was sort of at a loss about what to blog about today, and then Ellen mentioned our friend Jess's review. I dropped off a couple pieces of the onion-potato-mushroom tart to her last month when she was moving in, and asked her to let me know what she thought. She was busy with the moving and a new ladyfriend and such, but just gave me her review (and posted it to her myspace blog) a couple days ago, and it is awesome! She is now elevated to my number one taster. I'm trying to talk her into meeting up with me tomorrow so I can foist off some more food on her in exchange for an honest and eloquent review. Maggie always says "will work for praise". I will work for honest assessments (even if they're not praise).

In other news, I'm working a bartering agreement this weekend with my friend Karen. She owns Girls Night In (note: that may not be safe for a worktime clickin'). I'll let you draw your own conclusions about the nature of the exchange.

Take note, peeps. I am open for bartering suggestions! I love the barter system!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Virgin Food Review
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Mini Disclaimer: This piece wasn't meant to be shared originally. It's just that with moving, and house improvements, and family visits, and friend visits, and interstate traveling, and goodbyes, and work, and extra work, it's the only thing I've completed for a hot minute.

All content is in reference to this dish, created and delivered by Ehrrin.

First off, let me say that having Ehrrin hand deliver some good eatin' at the very moment you can't take your overheated, overworked, moving-day starvation any longer is just about the best thing that could possibly happen. Kind of like eating Reese's cups til you just about can't breathe and then drinking super-cold 2% milk. Right-oh.

So, second off, upon peeling back the tinfoil, I had the three-fold delight of being struck by the visual and olfactory yumminess of my tart gift as well as the presence of not one but two slices of tarty goodness. When I asked for heating instructions, Ehrrin told me hot or cold, either way. She did not, however, comment on lukewarm-tart consumption, and this is where I feel I flubbed. Lacking new-house resources and the patience to figure out the settings on my (despised) electric stove, I ate this tart kind of warm on the outside and not at all warm on the inside. This heating method is not recommended.

Now, assuming you've chosen a temperature suited to your taste, these elements should be consistent. While appearing omelet-breakfasty, the modified Onion Tarte Lyonnaise provides a dining experience suitable for any time of day. Granted, I was surprised to find the recipe was for an onion tarte, as the mushrooms stole the show. That said, I approve of the mushroom-off combination of shitakes and criminis. While I didn't share in the experience of the just-shitake dish, I found the mushrooms to be sliced just right and full of flavor. Each bite was rounded off with just a hint of onion flavor that was unexpected and understated and therefore especially bonus. The egg really just provided a medium for the savoring.

The addition of potatoes allowed this dish to stand alone as a hearty meal. The combination of potatoes with crust, however, did make it all a bit starchy. All these elements culminated in a flavorfully complex, if texturally unbalanced, culinary experience.

The future-tart plans of more-cooked potatoes and cheese inclusion, however, may just result in the perfection of a good recipe. The mingling of gruyere with the distinct mushroom and onion flavors might be just this side of too much yum to handle, and all this while maintaining the presence of potatoes minus the overt carb-loaded-ness would make for a one-stop spot-hitter to stand in line for.

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just jess said...

OMG -- I have a new ladyfriend AND I've made my first blog-character cameo! When is the next tasting?