Friday, August 3, 2007

again, tgif. i say: TGIF!

Woot! Friday, Friday, how I love thee! Actually, this week flew right on by, and felt like a good mix of productivity and chillin'. I like it. And, tonight I'm meeting a Hurd, E-dawg and Lareese for a little dinner at the Spice Island Tea House. Java fried rice, watch out! I am gunnin' for you--as is my whole party, I think. I seemed to have whipped all of us into a java fried rice feeding frenzy with all my incessant talk about it. I am ready.

And, tomorrow and Sunday I'll be dog-sitting my favorite speckled guy, Zeke. I'm going to take some groceries down with me, and in the glory of central air, I will finally do some cooking this week. Hooray! I'm also tentatively planning to watch some more nature-themed dvds, but I was unsuccessful previously when I tried to work the dvd player. I emailed Zeke's mom today to ask how to work it, and she instructed that her strategy is to sit right in front of it and push a bunch of buttons on both the remote and the machine until something happens. And, also helpfully suggested that I recruit someone from the 9-to-10 year old demographic for technical support. Ha! So, I may be watching nature-themed dvds, or I may just be hangin' out on the internets. Either one sounds pretty good to me.

Peeps, have a super weekend. I'm gonna.

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