Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday, you're almost Friday.

Well, I got my pool-er-cize on yesterday with the help of my co-swimmin' buddies Mags, E-dawg and Kramer. Good times, except it was actually a little bit cold. We played for a bit, and then busted a move up to Crazy Mocha for some beverages. Everyone else got hot drinks, but this guy stayed in season with an italian soda. Speaking of swimmin', Kramer procured herself a little underwater camera so expect some forthcoming, potentially hilarious, underwater pics. In my imagination I look real nice, and utterly graceful, underwater. We'll see if that holds true.

It was also CSA day, and the tomato bounty has officially kicked into high gear! We got a bunch of red ones and yellow ones and round ones and torpedo shaped ones and square ones (heh. okay, no square-shaped ones; just seeing if you were paying attention). I love summer tomatoes. I could seriously be on, at least, a six-tomato-a-day ration. My favorite breakfast of all time is tomatoes on toast. My favorite lunch of all time is tomato/cheese/mayo on toast. I had tomatoes on toast for dinner last night, and TCM on toast for lunch today. Life is good. There is nothing better than a summer tomato!

Know what else is in and bountiful? Figs!
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I walked into Whole Foods the other day to get some Hip Action treats for the China-Bear, and as soon as the automatic doors parted I came face-to-face with a big table full of three different kinds of figs. I had trouble deciding, but then went with the black mission. They're just so beautiful and have that velvety-satiny skin. I had some this morning for breakfast mixed in with my Kashi Go Lean Crunch (honey-almond-flax). I took a picture with my cell, but it always makes everything look green. Why is that?
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Anyhow, god I love figs. Actually, I just realized for the first time a few years ago that they were a delicious fresh fruit. I'd only been acquainted with them in their newton form up to then, and then...ah, then! They are such wonderful little fruits with their crunchy/crispy little seeds. Did you know that figs are believed to be one of the first cultivated crops? Well, read up, friend!

Keeping in the fig frame of mind, E-dawg also sent me a link to a cooking blog by this woman Amanda Darrach Filippone today called Figs Olives Wine, and it's really nice. Check it out here. The site says she's working on her first cookbook. I'll be keeping an eye out for that!

Another nice cooking blog whose author, Clotilde Dusoulier, has a book out (and will soon have a second book) is Chocolate and Zucchini. (have i mentioned before that this blogsite is anti-ampersand? seriously. If I type an ampersand it won't accept my post. Isn't that weird?) Have I already mentioned this site? I feel like I'm having deja vu... Anyhow, the cookbook has a lot of meat stuff, and some, frankly, weird french ingredients often, but it's pretty cute, and has a few recipes that I'm game to try. Plus, after watching Sicko, I seriously want to be French. Or rather, want to be an ex-pat in France. I googled "lesbian mail order brides France" and "lesbian mail order brides US" and "lesbian mail order brides", and came up with nothin'. Evidently the French lesbians are doing a-okay and don't need to import any ladies. But, if you change your mind, les femmes...just sayin'! I could be your petit chou!
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Try not to be too jealous (you're gonna be), but I'm having dinner at Kara's tonight. Kara is one of my favorite cooks. She has this knack for making really fresh-tasting and combining ingredients in really interesting ways. She warned me that it's not gonna be all gourmet, but I'm not expecting fancy, I'm just expecting some good times. We actually originally were planning a home-made ice cream party (part deux), but then she read my confessional blog the other day, and offered to make a healthy veggie dinner instead--which is just super-sweet. And, exciting. Yay!

Also, I'm dog-sitting my speckledy pal Zeke tonight, and he has real cute paws. Paw Power!


A said...

Paw power! Oh, I miss the Zapster's paws.

I didn't have a single cigarette yesterday. Maybe this whole paw thing works...

Liz the lez said...

It may make things look green because you don't have a flash and it may be set for fluorescent conditions, whereas, you may be using tungsten (or vice versa).