Friday, August 10, 2007

bad blogger

Folks, I've neglected you this week. Not because I don't care and love you and think about you all the time. Not that at all. Just that I've had a busy week. And, I also haven't felt at all like cooking with this oppressive mugginess and heat. And, I've just kinda gotten off-track a bit. Ugh.

But, I hear that the weekend is supposed to be less muggy. I like that. I also have swimmin' plans on Saturday and Sunday. I also like that.

Other recent things I've been liking:
-dog-sitting in a house with central air
-watching the HRC/LOGO presidential candidate (first EVER on LGBT issues) debate last night, and I decided who I'm voting for (well, both who'd i'd like to vote for if they could win, and who i'm actually going to vote for - Dennis Kucinich/Hillary Rodham Clinton)
-goodreads - i went on an updating rampage this week, and that was fun. i love that site; it's like myspace for book nerds
-postsecret - just read one of the books the other day. it's such a brilliant, lovely project. go read some postcards now and feel the interconnectedness.
-knowing that i am mere hours away from the weekend
-good books (to see what I'm currently reading, have read, want to read, etc. join up on goodreads, already!)
-David Attenborough/BBC nature shows
-java fried rice (um, Susie just emailed me and is pretty much making me go to lunch with her at Spice Island today. she's moving soon. i have no choice!)

I just checked out two new cookbooks this week, so I'll do some cooking this weekend. Or, non-cooking, rather, as much as possible. I got New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook by Jean Hewitt and Rebar: Modern Food Cookbook by Audrey Alsterburg. The Rebar cookbook is where the original recipe for the chocolate-zucchini muffins came from, but, of course, I made Heidi's version.

Here is one cute thing I ate this week. Jen grew some purple carrots. We both stumbled on them around the time when she was deciding on plants for her garden, and she promised to share the bounty. Unfortunately something ate the leaves, and they just grew to be wee things, but still amazingly cute. They're still vibrant orange on the inside, but a lovely purple (like beets) on the outside. This photo focused more on the adorable little heirloom tomatoes in the background, but you can still see the carrot. It was delicious.
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Have a super weekend, folks! My regular partner-in-crime, E-dawg, is outta town this weekend, and I'm not quite sure how I will manage yet, but I'm sure I'll struggle through. Woe is me!


Anonymous said...

props to a. hurd for the "chocolate rain" suggestion. i cried.

check out chunky pam on you tube. girlfriend is the shit...

baby boo

Anonymous said...

dearest baby boo, allow me to make another suggestion. get a myspace account!