Thursday, January 24, 2008

no, pancakes. really.

Okay, the Hurd was right (with regards to her comment yesterday). PYT was indeed referring to actual mac-n-cheese pancakes. She'd developed a fondness for them from visiting Shopsin's in her ol' stomping grounds of Brooklyn. Check out the menu! It's off the hook! Okay, so anyway, I did not make mac-n-cheese pancakes, but I did make the Alton Brown recipe for Next Day Mac-and-Cheese "Toast". They turned out pretty well, but I actually think the regular mac-n-cheese was better because it had more moisture/creaminess. But, still. Pretty yum.

I also made a salad with butter lettuce, chevre and roasted beets. I made a vinaigrette with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some dry mustard, a little honey, a couple cloves of garlic, some crushed red pepper flakes, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Whisked it all togheter, then tossed the beets in that, and roasted them, and also drizzled a little on the salad. I wanted to add avocado, too, but it wasn't ripe yet. And, wanted to add some toasted walnuts, but forgot (d'oh).

PYT made a bean dish with green and white beans sauteed with some garlic and butter (she said she normally puts buttered bread crumbs on top, but skipped it since the mac-n-cheese was all about breadcrumbs. It was SO good! This is my new favorite way to eat green beans. Dang. Deelish! It reminds me a little of a Heidi recipe (from Super Natural Cooking) for pan sauteed white beans called golden-crusted something...

All in all, a delicious dinner for a winter evening.
(look, in the picture below you can see PYT's toes!)

The boys anxiously awaited leftovers

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nowlze said...

dude, this is crazy, but i just did a photoshoot with the shopsin's son in law.

this dude:

his wife, tamara (the shopsin), was a-dorable.