Monday, January 21, 2008


Do you ever try to nap, but aren't able? I was cursed with that unfortunate phenomena this weekend.

I went out to a late show on Friday night to see The Gooch and The Harlan Twins at Club Cafe. Then had to wake up early for dog-sitting duty, and since I was going out late again on Saturday (so unlike me!) to shake my groove thing on the dance floor with PYT at Operation Sappho, I tried to nap. Yet, was unsuccessful. Even though I gave it three attempts. And, PYT also had a fruitless napping day, and then it seemed like everyone we talked to that night had had the same experience that day. What the bleep? My theory is that there was some type of energy disturbance that made napping impossible. And, then I had the same experience (well, I might have gotten about 20 minutes in, maybe) on Sunday! Dang!

So, today I'm feeling cranky about being at work--even more so because it's MLK Day, and most of my pals are off--gallivanting, I'm sure. The two-day weekend is just not even close to being sufficient. Grrr.

I will try to have an early night tonight, but it's Queers: They're What's For Dinner night, so we'll see. Even if I'm sleepy, I know the food will be tasty at the Gypsy Cafe.

(Have I ever mentioned that I'm a compulsive and chronic over-scheduler?)

But, anyway. I have my first-ever personal cheffing-style gig this week! I'm making a vegan dinner for one of the bands coming in for the Queer Songwriters Night on Friday. I think I will reprise (a vegan version of) the dinner that I made for PYT last week. It was tasty, healthy and cute--which are all important factors. And, I bartered with my pal E for some graphic design a few months ago, and I'm going to start paying her back soon with some cheffery. And, I'm hoping that will help me get back on track to cooking more again, and making healthy stuff (which is what she's requested).

But, right now? All I want is a nap. Maybe tomorrow...

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