Friday, January 25, 2008

a big day!

It really is a big day for me. I am executing my first-ever paying personal chef gig. I've already learned a few things about timing prep, setting prices, etc. And, I think it's going to be a smashing and delicious success (keep your fingers crossed just in case though, k?).

Here's the menu (the blacked out portion is the client's info):

Like the logo? I'm pleased as punch. But, I am kind of a nervous wreck. My friend Schwatts has an Aunt Fran that gets a little out of control in the kitchen. Whenever she feels like that, she says that she's "Aunt Frannin' it". I'm totally Aunt Frannin' it today.

I'm delivering at 7pm, and then I will be a relieved and free lady, and will have a lovely and relaxing dinner at Abay with PYT, and then go check out the Queer Songwriters Night at Modern Formations. Good times. You should go--Ember Swift, Tracy Drach and Stefanny!

In other news, I just signed up for my 2008 CSA! I feel super excited to start imagining fresh, local, organic, delicious produce! I've done Kretschmann's for several years, but tried to get into Mildred's Daughters last year. They have a very small number of slots (and a portion of those are work-exchanges), so I wasn't able to get in last year, but just found out I got in this year! They are the only working farm within the city of Pittsburgh, women-owned and run, and they also do things a little differently. You actually go to the farm to pick up (fun!), and get to select your items, sorta farmers' market style. I cannot wait. I mean, I love Kretschmann's, but I'm excited to check out the 'daughters. E-dawg and I are going to split a share, and take turns making pick-ups. Hooray!

Other big news for this weekend is that I'm attending this workshop to be hypnotized to quit smoking and lose weight. I really, really hope it takes. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend, pals!


Kara said...

Your logo is so friendly, I just want to give it a hug. Good luck!

nowlze said...

yaaaay! love the logo! your menu sounds effing DELICIOUS!!!

and don't be an aunt frantic. you'll do just fine!!

Ashley said...

Sounds like quite a weekend -- looking forward to reading all about it. Good luck!