Friday, January 11, 2008

feeling great in 0h-8!

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments yesterday, peeps. You're right; I am in better shape (all around) than I was last year before starting HealthQuest 2007. And, I appreciate the feedback on what to focus on, too. So, I'm going to take your suggestions. I'm going to give up the coke-in-a-can again (oh, how I will miss you). I actually have a few in my fridge right now, so I will try to foist them off on visitors, and then cease buying new ones. Coincidentally I saw this little spot on the Today show this morning about all the calories in beverages that we often forget about. I was shocked, for instance, to learn that a Long Island Iced Tea contains 700 calories and 40g of sugar. Whoa! And, a Venti Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Latte has 660 calories and 22g of fat. I mean, neither of these are something I'd typically drink anyway, but whoa.

Also, will start the Chantix again to again quit the smoking. Eek. This one is especially hard because I actually like smoking. I know that's a dirty, dirty habit, and sentiment about said habit, but I do. I mean, I don't like the social pariah status that comes along with smoking, but I do enjoy the taking-a-break-from-it-all that comes along with it, and the satisfying lung blast. (I know it's horrible. But, still). I was talking to a friend last week who quit using hypnosis. I'd love to try that. If anyone knows of anyone that does this kind of hypnosis, hook a sister up with the info. Preferably one that doesn't cost One Million Dollars.

Another goal for this weekend to get my kitchen back in order. Right now the whole apartment is kind of outta control, but I feel it most in the kitchen. I gotta get it in shape, and reorganized so I can bust out some foodstuffs. I got a request for a vegan dinner for four next Friday, and have another friend that I bartered for some stuff in exchange for some personal cheffing, and I need to start making good on that exchange. It'll be good for me to have a commitment to cooking up some healthy goodness again.

Ah, okay. All is not lost. Just a bit off-track. (Thanks)

Have a good weekend, my pets and my peeps. Mwah!


A said...

Having success with giving up Coke will remind you of what you can do when you put your mind to it. Conquer the smaller battles first and then move on to the bigger ones.

Quitting smoking is really, really hard. I still struggle with it, after almost 4 years.

How about starting off with a rule about no smoking in the house? And no smoking in the car.

Anyway, have a great weekend lady.

Sue said...

I tried to stop drinking soda in September and I've had a lot of luck with allowing myself an occasional indulgence (usually a ginger ale).

It doesn't even taste as good now. I fell a bit off the wagon during the holidays, but not too much. If you don't keep it at home and don't order in restaurants, it is amazing how you just don't come across it. And how much $$ you'll save drinking water in restaurants. I find now that I have to really want a specific beverage to cough up $2.00+ for a glassful.

I didn't do nearly so well on my resolution to eat more fruit, but this little victory keeps me motivated.