Tuesday, September 11, 2007

running scared

Well, I called off my meet-up/review with Bobcat. That dish just wasn't what I'd imagined *and* the fact that I included the one ingredient she'd told me in advance she didn't like just seemed like an all-around bad idea. Ah, well. I was scared, okay? Hurd accused me of just wanting a good review. I replied, "Yeah. Duh."
But, all that said, it actually was fairly tasty. I had it for dinner last night, and will have it for lunch again today. That's just how I roll.

I just finished Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, and it's so-so-so good! It's got quite a hold list at the library, so request your copy today! And, have I ever mentioned the book The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan that you should also read: tout suite? Oh, I have? Then what're you waiting for?

[That reminds me of Alex which reminds me to ask: anyone know any good cookie recipes that would withstand about a week of travel (to Poland)? Or, any good packaging tricks?]

Okay, in other news, Kramer and I had our Week 2 Weigh-In! I'm down another pound (3 in total, so far), and she went down two (2 in total, so far)! We're on the right track! I still haven't been super-strict with my diet like I was back in the early part of the year, but it's been better, and the walking is definitely helping, and making me feel good, and an exciting wildlife adventure every day!

We've now established our two favorite deer in the herd, Mangy and Scruffy. When we came around the corner today where "our" herd usually hangs out at that time of the morning, Mangy actually galloped up to us, looking for her daily apple snack. I tried passing off carrots again today, and no one was interested. It's gotta be all apples, all the time (luckily Kramer had a stash). But, I left some carrots here and there for any other interested parties (do groundhogs like carrots?), and in one small pile so I can check it tomorrow and see if anyone discovered it (and was like, PAYDIRT!).

And, we finally got to pet Nellie. She's this beautiful white cat with blue eyes that we came across last week (on a grave for a woman named Nellie). Until today she'd always run from us, but she started meowing when she saw us, and today we had cat food! So, she showed us over to an area where we discovered three or four other bowls that had obviously been used for her meals. And, she let us pet her (she liked me best. Just sayin'). And, then we realized that's why she looks chunky, not skinny. But, I'm sure she could use a home for when it starts getting cold, though. Don't you (yes, you!) need an adorable, sweet, beautiful cat named Nellie?

And, we fed the ducks. They just showed up again (for the season) yesterday, and are taking a rest from their migratory journey in the little pond. They heretofore wanted nothing to do with us, but bust out some bread, and they're all ours. A couple of them did this really adorable move with their feet, too, that made them irresistible. And, great blue herons! Did I mention them? Two showed up last week, and have been hanging out by the pond, but they really want nothing to do with us, bread or not. They are really beautiful, though, and their wingspan is just truly amazing.

I'm really glad we're walking because it just feels good, but the animals are what make it worth getting up at the cracka dawn every day. In fact, I want to start going early so we have more time to spend with them. It's just amazing that you get to see them all smack-dab in the middle of the city. In fact, we actually saw five deer (two mamas and three babies) on Kramer's street this morning! That's actually not good, 'cause it's kinda trafficky close to there, but they still looked adorable. Kramer postulated that they'd heard about the apples and were coming to find us. I love the herd! (and, don't worry, I love the Hurd, too).

I will get another two discs (8 episodes) of QAF tonight! I can't wait! I'm meeting a pet-sitting client right after work, then...oh, then!...I have a date with Brian. And, I also need to make another batch of the slow-roasted tomato sauce for freezing. Good times!
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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about the fact that, although I'm sure the deer are cute, you might be doing them a disservice by hand-feeding them? When humans hand feed wild animals, the wild animals can become dependant upon humans for food, which is clearly not good.

Ehrrin said...


The deer are tame. They walked up to us looking for food before we ever started bringing it, and there is always food left in there for them (corn, grain, carrots). We take apples for them because they love them, and we love the deer. We don't hand-feed them, though. They don't get quite close enough for that. We also talked to one of the caretakers for the cemetery.


kramer said...

when we talked to the caretaker, he was telling us that they might have to kill off some of them because of the damage they are doing. you need about 25 acres of woods to feed one deer a year without them doing any damage. the cemetery is only 300 acres (about 100 acres are still undeveloped)and this year alone there are 36 babies and a whole lot of adults. there is not enough food in there for them, and they don't have anywhere to migrate in order to find it.