Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Do you know the term "crompy"? Probably not since the E-dawg invented it as part of the Ellenisms series (see also: "that's my jam!" and "rill good" and "hey hon!"). It's a mix of crampy + grumpy, and it perfectly sums up my feelings about today. I woke up with a headache, weighed myself and found that I was up three pounds from yesterday (I have to believe it's the monthly bloat), came out to find a flatter-than-flat tire, and then had to send an email this morning that was kinda scold-y-ish or something. Blah!

But, putting that aside, I did have a lovely evening last night. It was "Queers: They're What's For Dinner!" night at the Gypsy Cafe, and their food is always fantasmic. They had an array of appies featuring such delights as something-creamy-and-delicious-on-little-toasts, a kalamata hummus, an olive tapenade, and a Tuscan white bean dip. And, a delightful dinner featuring a beautiful green salad with tons of veggies, roasted balsamic veggies (a Hurd's favorite), a pasta with pesto and tomatoes, and--my favorite--a dish with polenta and eggplant. Gah-rum (equals yum). [The next queer dinner will be 10/15, so holla if you need an evite].

I start pet-sitting today for the menagerie--Ripley (dog), Cricket (cat), Macy (cat) and Drake (iguana)! I'm looking forward to it. I just hope that QAF will play on her computer, 'cause there's no TV! Keep your fingers, toes, and any other appendages you may wish, crossed for me!

In other news, Kramer mentioned Java Fried Rice this morning, and now my uterus won't let it go. She likes it, she loves it, she wants some more of it.


ellen said...

mmmmm....java fried rice - you need to adapt a recipe for "healthy" java fried rice, with millet perhaps.

just for the record, I only invented crompy, those other phrases were lifted from characters around the burgh' and co-opted by dear ole' me.

Ehrrin said...

But, you're the one who made them famous, hon!

A Hurd said...

I say Hurd, you say "whuuut?!"

Nat said...

It sure sounds like Kramer is trying to sabotage you or something...but you are a master chef and used to making clever substitutions so maybe you will, as Ellen suggested, make yourself a low-fat version.

kramer said...

i was not sabotaging! i was merely trying to convince her to bring me some fresh bean sprouts with basil add tofu, which they sell at the same place that one might find some java fried rice.