Wednesday, September 26, 2007

end of an era

Friends, I have some sad news (for me). This evening I will be concluding the final season of QAF, which will leave me in the depths of despair from which I may never recover. Although, Kramer did send me this site, and that helps. A little.

Although, on the bright side, after I finish watching, and don't have to be concerned about spoiling myself with spoilers, then I can start ravenously reading all the online chatter and slash whilst I lick my wounds.

Oh, Brian, how I will miss you! How I will miss you all!

Okay, I'm gonna try to pull myself together and get through this blog post. Pray for my soul.


Okay, to follow up on my O.B. rant the other day, my friend Dra emailed me and suggested that maybe I was putting it in the wrong place (!) or that I hadn't removed the plastic wrap. Um, no. O.B.s were obviously created as miniature torture devices to keep me down. If you like them, then I will just have to pray for your soul. And, your delicate lady-parts.

Down with O.B.!

And, in other news, I stopped by Whole Foods yesterday to get the China-Bear her Hip Action treats, and guess who I ran into! The Hurd!
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Hurd was filling her little basket to the brim with fresh veggies and other delicious ingredients. It warmed the cockles of my little ol' heart! She was going home to try her hand at the Butternut Squash a la Gooch. I can't wait to hear how it turned out! And, it was just fun to have a hurd to tool around the grocery store (and then liquor store) with.

Also, Karen sent me a list of places to check out for cooking clases! Karen, you are a peach! Here's it:

Passionate Food
Sweetwater Cooking
Food, Glorious Food
A big list of places from the library!

Sweet! (Jess, and any other of you dear readers who are interested in taking classes, lemme know if anything strikes your fancy!)


edawg said...

What happens when an atheist prays for someone's soul? I guess I'll find out because I exclusively use OB tampons...I can't get down with the applicator style, different pokes for different folks I suppose.

I was at Whole Foods last night too! Marveling at the artichoke bouquets and buying fingerling potatoes.

Ehrrin said...

Well, I'm "praying" for "souls", in the loosest type of definition.

I just don't understand how anyone could enjoy the O.B. I have a more in-depth description of why (including hand gestures and sound effects) if anyone is interested.

I saw those artichoke bouquets, too, and it made me think of you!

The Hurd said...

I can't cook worth shit. I burned the honey at the bottom of the pan, and my squash was mangled because I don't have a decent knife. I had the squash in the oven for two hours, and parts of it were still hard. I ended up mashing it all up and adding extra honey, but by the time I did all that, I'd lost my appetite.

It is no fun to do things when you're miserable at them.

Ellen, I thought of you when I saw those artichoke bouquets!

kramer said...

before i moved onto greener alternatives, i used OB. but that was like 8 years ago and i don't remember it so much. i don't think that i would have used 'em if they were that bad of a time.

if i ever come across an artichoke bouquet, i am pretty sure that i will now think of ellen.

Jess said...

so, i looked through a couple of the sites. sweetwater cooking looked ok because they have it structured as courses, but one course (class) is 395.00.

i also found these:

you probably have checked those ones before...

i figured out that i want something more structured and detailed than just a class, but im not sure if going to school for 9 months or whatever is the best choice either.

what do you think?

Ani said...

i am the keeper goddess and sales woman. "keepers, there cheaper and better for you peeper!!!" (the keeper cheer) check it out.

and for your pure enjoyment may i suggest...

Ehrrin said...

Ani, I hear you on the Keeper (and Diva Cup, etc). I've always been interested in them, so I tried their disposable form (Instead) a few times as a trial run, and really liked it (it was like I wasn't even having a period!). But, the one drawback is that I have freakishly small hands, and so have a hard time reaching them to remove them, which always causes me to have a mild (okay, not so mild) panic attack. Has anyone used both versions? The Keeper looks longer, so maybe it's better suited to those of us that are finger-length challenged?

kramer said...

i used the keeper(rubber) for like 7 years and then switched to the moon cup(silicone!) a few months back. i have not tried the instead cup, but thanks to google image search know what they look like. the keeper/moon cup has the little tail part on it which i think would make it easier for your small hands. i'm sure that you would have your technique down after a month or 2 and would and lose the panic attacks. it's so cheap and good for your bits, you can't really go wrong.

A said...

I am loyal to the OB. OB Maxi baby!