Thursday, September 27, 2007

farewell, friends.

So, I did it. I finished QAF last night. And, I actually had four (not three) episodes, which was awesome. But, I'm sad! I honestly don't think I've ever gotten so wrapped up in a show. I think it was, in part, just that I was watching them on DVD, but even though I'd never say it was the BEST show ever, I think I might be my favorite show ever.

Farewell, friends...
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But, I suppose I had to rejoin life at some point, eh? Seriously. I haven't been reading much, cooking much, and definitely not cleaning much (although I don't actually think that is QAF's fault).

[Whoops! I actually just posted this blog accidentally! I'm not done yet!]

In other news, I'm planning to visit the Bloomfield Farmers Market after work. I like this one especially because one stand has these amazing (and huge!) stripy heirloom tomatoes, another is a little old man who sells figs, and you can buy pierogies (either choose from a bunch of flavors to take home--I think frozen? or they also have some potato-n-cheese ones already made and hot and buttery and oniony and delicious there ready to go). That is what I call a good time.

In fact, I'm starvin' marvin right now, didn't bring lunch, and am feeling a little cranky because of it. I hate spending money to eat out at lunch. If I'm gonna do that, I want to be dining with pals. And, the only thing I can think of around here that's kinda striking my fancy is Crepes Parisiennes, and it's kinda pricey. Hmmm... okay, I have to walk down the street to the ATM anyhow, so I'll just see what happens.

Apart from all that, you may remember that I mentioned some controversy a month or two that was being discussed on the Queer Events list. It concerned a transgendered woman who was turned down as a performer for Celebrate The Night (CTN), a women's variety show in celebration of coming out. Well, it's erupted a few times on the list since then, and is again. This week the City Paper published a cover story about the issue, and it's really good (I'm even quoted a couple of times), and has re-sparked the discussion about gender, transinclusion and women-only spaces. Very interesting. You can find the article here. As an alternative to the event, I'm going to join Jessi, her partner Emilia, Sue, E-dawg and some others for Cambodian food.


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