Monday, June 18, 2007

i'm baaaaaaaack!

I'm back from vacation, and that was a-okay until I realized that I'm outta money for the month (getting paid once a month is for suckers) despite my, I thought, careful scrutiny of the ol' finances (I've really, really, really trying to do better, but it appears that I've, in fact, done worse), and then my car windows froze in the down position (and I can't fix them due to the aforementioned being-broke problem), and then I came into work today and had a really nasty email from a co-worker. What the bleep? Can't I have a few days of easing back into the real world before it all comes crashing back down on me?! Plus, even though I remembered my little camera card thingy to download pics, I forgot to bring the downloading thingy so I have no pictures of my fabulous beach treats for you--yet. Tomorrow is another, hopefully better, day, right?

But, on the up side, my pal Marsha found a *free* bike for me! A friend of hers is giving it away, and I will be the proud recipient! Hooray! So, that rocks and I will now commence to stop the bitchin'. Plus, I had a great Pride all day and night on Saturday and that is super.

I will just say a couple things, and then I'll be off until tomorrow.

1. My beach babies freakin' rock and I adore them and it is a gift from the universe that I have such wonderful friends and get to spend a fantastic week with them once a year.
2. We ate like queens, even though it was very, very hard not to eat up a big ol' mess of seafood.
3. confession: I smoked at the beach, and smoked three cigarettes on Saturday night at the Pride In the Streets thing, but now I'm going smoke-free again.


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