Friday, February 1, 2008

superbowl! right?

Yeah, I actually didn't know this was Superbowl weekend until I caught a couple minutes of the Today Show this morning. I know the Patriots are one of the contenders, and the other...the Giants? Maybe? Right? Hey, if it's not the Stillers, who cares! Am I right, or am I right? But, if you are watching, and searching for some healthy snacks to serve, I just saw this post on Mighty Foods.

In other news, I'm really, really glad it's Friday. Not that this week has been particularly taxing, I just LOVE the weekends. As the song goes, I am workin' for the weekend.

I don't have any particular crazy plans this weekend, just hanging out with my gal, possibly sleeping in and/or napping, maybe wandering through a museum, and definitely brunch with the gang at the new Dozen Bake Shop. Hells yes. I cannot wait for this! As you all know, I adore Dozen Cupcakes and the owner, James (I want him to be my new BFF), so I know the bake shop will be fantastic. I stopped in a couple nights ago for a small treat to take to PYT, and the space is really cute and open. And, I can now vouch for the macaroons and milk chocolate cupcakes. Yum!

Anyhow, sorry this is a boring/short post, but have a great weekend, peeps! Mwah!

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