Monday, February 4, 2008


My people, I hope that I am coming to you on this Monday afternoon following a wonderful weekend for you. Mine was splendid. I spent lots of time with my Number One Gal (aka PYT, aka Barbara), checked out gay bingo for the first time (it was OUTrageous!), and did lots of good eatin'. I still think I need one more day (at least) for it to feel like a real weekend, but still. Good times.

When I was in middle and high school I used to play bingo with my Granny B on occasional Friday nights. She is a bingo fiend, and actually goes on bus tours around different states to get her bingo on. And, she's a winner. So, even though it might not be in my blood (she's actually my step-grandma) I thought I'd gotten in some pretty good early training. I'd been planning to check out the gay bingo for the past couple of years, and it just never seemed to come together. But, this week it did. My pal Jr. and I got there early, and were in a bingo frenzy right outta the gate. We bought extra packs of tickets going in, multiples of every special, a ridiculous number of 50/50 raffle tickets, and lots of snacks. And, then we ran into some other pals--E-dawg, Nat, Heather, Jess, Adele and Janice--who got randomly assigned to our table, and so we were convinced that was an auspicious start. E-dawg won a cool $50, but alas, Jr. and I struck out. However, on the final special, I was working 18 cards at once (which could potentially and literally make one crazy) and then I was one number (N46) away from winning $1000. I almost puked. And, then, seemingly in slow motion, the caller called out Forty-freakin'-seven. One number away, and all was lost. Several people then called a joyous "BINGO!", and it was all over. I left considerably poorer (I'd gone a little overboard because I was convinced there was no way I'd lose). But, it was a really great time, and I'll be back. I've already made a table reservation for next time (six open spots, gals-about-town, just sayin'!).

Otherwise, I had a bonus breakfast on Saturday at the Original Pancake House (aka OPH, pronounced "oaf"), which is my secret shame and favorite chain, largely because they have fantastic grits. It's hard to find grits in the 'Burgh, and they do them right. I tip my hat to their grit-maker extraordinaire. Delicious. However, when I force-fed some grits to PYT, she scrunched up her face (and did a dance, shook a little...).

We also brunched on Sunday at the new Dozen Bake Shop. Outstanding! I had the Southwestern Strata. Divine. For real. I love this place. Really cute, great food, really nice staff. Kudos!

And, yesterday evening I finally got to try Udipi Cafe! I've been hearing of this place for a long while, and it was definitely deserving of the talk. So amazing. PYT's Aloo Gobi was the best I've ever had. I had a dish with "tantalizing gravy", and it was, it was.

Okay, let's do this thing again tomorrow, whatcha say, peeps?

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