Friday, February 15, 2008

valentine's day: the worst of times, then the best of times

Woo buddy, yesterday was a big day all around. I accepted the new job, broke the news to the current job. I (finally) started my period. I had a headache all day. But, I sure was looking forward to hanging out with my gal last night. So, I left work a tiny bit (like, 15 minutes) early, but then had to wait almost 40 minutes (in a poor choice of not-warm coat) for a bus that actually had room to pick me up--only to get back to my car, and find that I was completely lodged in sludge, and someone was parked about two inches behind me and I was stuck. So, I walked up to the RiteAid to get salt, only to find that they were out of salt. I called Barbara (PYT!) in near-tears to come save me with copious amounts of salt and a shovel. Of course, right after I called, the person behind me pulled out, but she'd already left. So, I waited, and nearly was stuck again. But, then she came. And, even though I didn't need her assistance anymore, I still was feeling frustrated and frazzled, and seeing her was a huge relief.

So, I got back in my car, and sped off to get home, wrap up my little valentines for my valentine, get together the stuff for our fab dinner, pack up the car and the K-Bear and bust a move to my lady's abode. But, as soon as I got on the parkway, it was stopped dead. I sat in traffic for another half hour or so, and finally made it home (did I mention I'd had to pee super-badly since I'd left work?), and realized I'd started my period. And, then the cramps started kicking in earnest--no more messing around. I popped some ibuprofen, gathered up the goodies, and went on my way. But, I had to stop at the Uni-Mart on the way. At which point I slipped on some ice, and fell in a cold, wet puddle, and soaked my pants, longjohns and unders to the skin. So, I turned around to go home and change again, and called Barbara with an update. At which point she offered to order dinner in for us so we could just relax and enjoy one another's company once I (finally) got there. Which was a wonderful and thoughtful suggestion, and the perfect thing for that moment.

Finally I arrived and fell into her lovin' arms, and everything was suddenly a-okay again, all right with the world.

I haven't had a valentine in years and years and years, and had gotten to the point where I thought it was just a silly and frivolous thing and not worth nothin'. But, now it's my new favorite holiday. I know I am gushing. I might even be making you gag. Well, too bad, so sad! I [heart] my valentine!

We had some delicious pizza, she doctored up the salad she ordered and made it delicious, we had a little champagne, and exchanged our valentines while the K-Bear and Mama (her dear dog) flirted and exchanged their own valentines (they both got one another dehydrated chicken breasts!). We watched Lost. We gazed into one another's eyes while expressing sweet nothings. She rubbed my neck and shoulders. The world was my oyster.

Mama's coquettish look:

K-Bear's love-me-I-am-vulnerable look:

Plus, she made the cutest valentine package Of All Time! Remember when you were a kid in grade school, and you decorated your special valentine box for the big valentine exchange? She made one! The cutest one ever! And, it was chock full of the sweetest and most thoughtful things in town.

This is how we roll on Valentine's Day:

I love that girl.


A Hurd said...

i'm glad that you had a wonderful valentine's day, in spite of the universe's attempt to bring you down. and YAY! for a new pic of the lovers.

Nat said...

awwwwwwwwww loved the happy ending to this story!

Ashley said...

Love the picture. You two look perfect together.

Nomi said...

congrats on the migmurrito job!!! how inspiring...and I'm glad your v-day turned out a-o.k.