Wednesday, February 27, 2008

welcome to the world, baby girl!

I got a new niece last night! Kaitlyn Rose Keenan, 9lbs, 1oz. I hear that she has lots of hair, and looks like she's already three months old. And beautiful.

I'm going to WV next week for a couple days, and can't wait to meet her, and to see her big sis, Savanah. I haven't seen any pictures yet, but I'm chomping at the bit.

I'm really, really grateful to my brother and his wife for giving me these gals. While I'm not interested in having any for my only self, I love being an aunt.

This isn't an actual photograph, but rather my guesstimate of what she probably looks like all swaddled up:

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Ashley said...

Congratulations! Being an Aunt rocks out loud.