Friday, December 21, 2007

thank you for being a friend

Seriously. I'm a lucky lady. I've been down in the dumps lately with the brokeness and the sickness and the carlessness. But, every time I think that I just can't do this crazy thing called life, a friend swoops in and does something amazing, and makes life just a little bit easier and a little bit better.

Last week I got the amazing gift of the lil' laptop from Alex. Ani just lent me her car for a few days (you saved me, girl!). A few days ago I got rescued by Mags (which made her feel important), and she has a tendency to swoop in at all the right times. E-dawg has been hauling my ass around everywhere, and is always up for (nerdy) fun. A Hurd keeps me in good times (and liquor). Kramer makes lunchtime deliveries of deliciousness on her bike. Dan keeps me in inappropriate humor and car advice from afar. Big Al keeps me in jams and snappy wit. Kara makes gorgeous, beautiful food. Schwattzie-Bear is my rock, and she gives me more than I could ever express. Nowlzie brings the noise and da funk. B-dub gives me a year's worth of hi-larious catch phrases. T-Dub and Leslie make my world a little brighter, a little better, a little more interesting, a lot tastier. Dra has been amazing all year long (and I so owe her a long-overdue email or call). The K-Bear and the China-bear keep me full-up with 100% pure love. Ashley keeps me in the loop for cool-nerd-pop culture. And, so many others of you brighten my days often--through emails or calls or comments on this-here blog. I adore each and every one of you. For real and really, really. Sometimes when I'm in the midst of a mini-crisis I forget how truly lucky I am.

I hope to post (sporadically) over the next week or so. In the mean time, I hope you all have a fabulous holiday, and get to spend it exactly the way you want to.


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