Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Crankful is how you feel when you're full of crank. Uh, I mean crankiness, not, like, methamphetamines.

Today the downfall of being a non-driver hit hardcore. Since I live in an out-of-the-way neighborhood there's only one bus that services it, and it only comes every so often. So, you gotta count on it. But, this morning, due to the cruddy weather and snowy roads it was late. Which meant that I stood outside in the bitter cold for about twenty minutes waiting for it. And, it also meant that I missed my second bus, and subsequently had to wait another half-hour in the cold for the next round. And then, I was on the bus forever this morning because traffic was moving so slowly. GRRR! Not the way to start a day.

So, in search of ways to elevate my mood I bused into Squill today at lunch to hit the library (a book I'd requested and wanted to read for a while, Julie and Julia: 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen by Julie Powell, was in), Dozen (it's raspberry zinger day) and rustle up some lunch. I'd made a similar lunchtime journey yesterday, and had a truly disappointing lunch at Uncle Sam's, so I was determined to Get Something Good today. I often go to Bangkok Balcony for lunch, so I thought I'd check out their sister restaurant, Silk Elephant, today. But, much to my surprise and disappointment, they actually have the same exact lunch menu! Is that wise? Having two restaurants within a couple blocks of one another (neither of whom is doing a brisk lunch business) with the same menu? I vote no. But anyhow, I ordered my usual, but then found out the only difference between the two eateries (at lunch, anyway), is that a level 5 spiciness at Bangkok Balcony is not the same as a level 5 spiciness at Silk Elephant. I'd put SE's closer to a 7 or 8. Ouch! (why does Silk Elephant have a website, but Bangkok Balcony doesn't? weird).


Also, I forgot my camera card today with my photos from last night's cookin'. Ah well. Tomorrow is a another day.


Ashley said...

Next time you bus it in to Squill for lunch, you might try The Mediterranean Grill. It's delicious.

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