Tuesday, December 4, 2007

despite my best intentions

Well, I had big plans last night for cooking up some grub so I'd have lunch and dinner for today, at least. But, I got home, had some dinner, read a little, decided to flip on the TV just for a minute, and the next thing I knew my alarm was going off this morning. This guy was all worned out!

But, it made for an easy morning awakening this morning. I'm not even sure what time I fell asleep last night, but early. I feel pretty rested. (Except when I just typed "rested", I yawned).

I just checked Dozen Cupcakes website to find out the scoop on when their new shop in Lawrenceville is opening (January 2008, by the way), and found out that their going to do more than cupcakes; they're going to do all manner of baked goods, and even have a Sunday brunch! I love brunch! It's the best meal of the week! And, I have complete confidence in any Dozen venture. I think James, the fella in charge, is a peach, and their cupcakes are divine (my current favorites are the Raspberry Zinger and the Snowball). Plus, I also found a fantastic video they have on their site. Check 'er out! I love that there's a Dozen coming a little bit closer to me...now, if only the next-next shop would open in Troy Hill...

On a completely different note, any Euchre players in the house? Maggie and I are long-time players, and we taught the e-Dawg last year, now we just need a fourth. I was thinking of setting it up for some early Sunday evening(s) at my pad, making dinner, playing some cards, good times. Right on.

I just ran up to the library on my lunch break, and picked up a copy of a cookbook I'd requested, Fresh Everyday by Sara Foster. One of my favorite Pittsburgh food bloggers says it's one of her favorite cookbooks, so I'm really looking forward to it. And, I also stopped by the bookstore to pick up current copies of Food and Wine and Cooks Illustrated. I love, love, love reading cookbooks and food magazines. And, now I have more reading time since I'm busing it, to make up for the reading time squandered on the altar of the cable television.

In other news, I have two new favorite bands, but don't yet own anything by them. One of them is for babies. Like, literally. (But, I often share tastes with babies--you know, soft-n-fuzzy outfits, sleeping, boobs). They're so sweet. Renee and Jeremy (that's twice in this post that the inability to use ampersands on the blog client has stifled me! grr!). My favorite song is "It's a Big World". You can listen here. My other new favorite band is Beirut. Check 'em out, and listen here.

Okay, that's quite enough outta me.


ellen said...

milk the cow, milk the cow!

A Hurd said...

if you want to make time for cooking, you're gonna have to give up Billy's.