Friday, December 7, 2007


Oh, dang.

Well, last night E-dawg, Mags and I went to Hoi Polloi to check out the space, get a cuppa and a snack, and see how Sandra and Jessica were doing on their opening day. We'd all been there for a Halloween party when the space was still very much in transition, so I was pleasantly surprised by how finished everything looked! The gals looked a little exhausted, but were fantastic hostesses, along with Jessica's younger brother Daniel who is working there for them (and such a polite young fella!). (oh wow, just was checking the link I added above for Hoi Polloi, and see our picture's on their site already!). It's a really warm and inviting space, has a good mix of simple, wholesome offerings on the menu and it's in the North Side! woot!

I had a decaf coffee, a currant scone, a garden salad (which was truly beautiful) and a grilled cheese (which was perfectly cheesy and perfectly grilled). I can't believe I didn't think to take my camera to snap some pics for the ol' blog! time.

In fact, we got so caught up in chatting and eating and enjoying that we left as they were closing, and uh, E-dawg and I accidentally dined and dashed. Sheesh. But, we promised to show back up for more good times and to pay up soon, and they promised not to send their henchmen out after us.

(Actually, they haven't actually emailed/called me back yet, so the henchmen are possibly on their way).

I only dine-n-dash friends. Awww...

Aiight, have a good weekend, peeps. TGIF!

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pleasantlyfurious said...

Too funny. Your phone message was a HI-larious start to my day. I can't believe we were burgled on our first day! :)

I'm not too worried though, I know where you dog-sit.