Tuesday, December 11, 2007

oh, lordy.

You know what? Yesterday I had the most hits on this-here blog of any day since I've started counting. I'm guessing it's because you, dear readers, hate used car salesmen as much as I do. In fact, with the reputation they've got, doesn't it seem like they'd try to correct that? I'd like to see some overcompensating used car salesmen trying to make good. You know, stuff like not ripping people off, not lying, not being total jerks. I'd buy stuff from them if they did that. Instead I'm just still dreading the next round out with the sleazy jokers. I will not, for sure, be stopping by Monroeville Kia. They can suck it.

I actually had to go there last night to drop off the car I was using until "my" car was ready. It took everything in me not to drive it through the ginormous glass display window onto the showroom floor. But, I didn't. I wanted to, but I didn't. That's just how virtuous I am.

And, now I'm sick. It actually started on Saturday, the very day I spent with all those a-holes. (Coincidence? I think not). But, now it's blossomed into a body-shaking chest cold/cough sort of thing. Yet, it's a dry cough, so it hurts, but is getting me nowhere. Except sent home. In the last few hours I was at work, every passerby suggested I get the hell out of here As Soon As Possible. So, I'm busting a move soon, and hopefully it'll be a quick bus ride, and I'll soon be nestled under covers, in bed. I wish I had some "Buffy", but the next discs aren't due from Netflix until tomorrow or Thursday. Dang.

(Ashley--aren't you excited I'm watching Buffy? I'm getting ready to start Season 6).

I set out some soup base (a veg/tomato broth) to thaw (the base from the "peasant soup" I made not long ago), so I think I'll just throw in some veggies and cook it a bit, and it'll be ready soon with little effort.

Now, if I could only whip up my mom as easily. That's what I really want when I'm sick. I want to be babied. By my mom. Accept no substitutes.


Ashley said...

ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! how did you get all the way to season 6 of buffy without my knowing you'd even started?!? words cannot express my joy.

just wait until you get to "once more, with feeling."

(insert excited fangirl "squee!" here)

Jess said...

i love your BLOG! i try to hit it at LEAST once a day!