Tuesday, November 13, 2007

this is you

Okay, it's not you, it's me.

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I love it. If there is a fire and I have to quickly snatch up my most favorite things, I will grab it.

In other news, this guy is so, so, so crompy! I thought for sure the action would begin on Saturday, and stopped at a drug store and bought: a heating pad, a bottle of ibuprofen, tampons (eff divas!), pantyliners and a package of ferrero-rocher. The check-out lady looked at my stuff, looked at me, and said: "Normally I ask 'How are you today?', but I can tell how you are." Right on, sister, right on.

Strangely, my uterus isn't requesting java fried rice. It's see-you noodles she wants. She will not be denied (or defied)!

In other news, I'm reading a book (on a suggestion, like many of my reading selections, from E-dawg) called Women Who Eat, edited by Leslie Miller. It's a bunch of essays by women about food. I'm about a third of the way through and really enjoying it. Check it out!

Speaking of E-dawg, her b-day is coming up! She's doing a birthday run-then-eat. It may come as no surprise to you that I'm skipping the running part. But, feel free to send her gifts and accolades. If you wanna send cash, I'll collect it, and uh, hold onto it for safe-keeping. Happy Birthday, E-dawg!!

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