Monday, November 12, 2007

no fair

I have made no secret about my hatred for Mondays. And, that hatred gets ratcheted up a billionfold when there's a Monday work holiday that I am not privy to. Veterans, I salute you, but to everyone else: pppbbbbbbbbbllllllllllltttttttttttt! (aka, a raspberry).

But, the weekend was swell. Friday night I just had a quiet evening and watched a movie. Um, Ratatouille. Yes, it's a kids' movie, but it's also about a rat that's a chef. It was really cute! I give it two thumbs up.

Saturday I got my hair did, and actually really like it. So, crisis averted for now. I was thinking that I'd stop by the Apple Festival, but I got busy with other errands, and then went to hang out with Zeke, so I missed it (did anyone check it out?). Saturday night I sat in traffic for over an hour on 376E (while, remarkably, not freaking out. i mean, bummed that i was late, but no road rage), then went to see Persepolis (part of the Three Rivers Film Festival). It was amazing! It's based on the Persepolis book(s) by Marjane Satrapi, and I love the books. The movie was perfect.

Sunday I met a Hurd at Handmade Arcade where I found some really wonderful things. I got a couple prints, a cell phone charm that is also a screen cleaner (I've been looking for these for two years!), a print for my neice (of an inchworm. she loves worms or "wormies"), a t-shirt for my brother (of the "major award" lamp from A Christmas Story), some assorted cards, a couple buttons, my favorite vegan cupcakes (fell in love with her coconut-avocado cupcakes last year at Handmade Arcade), a book mark and stocked up on a year's supply of my favorite lip balm (I'd sooner be without cigarettes than lip balm. i literally freak out without it), and saw loads of peeps that I enjoy running into. And, the best thing I got? Hands down it was a little custom portrait of me. This guy, Reverend Aitor, had a little sign up that said "Unflattering Portraits--while you wait! $10". He said that the concept was that he was talking about those caricatures that you get at theme parks and stuff that are always kinda dumb and unflattering. He thought if you're gonna make it unflattering, you should just really go for it. His style is a little reminiscent of R. Crumb. The portrait is definitely unflattering. And, awesome. I'll try to scan it this week and show yinz.

Good times.

And, Sunday evening I went over to my pal Leslie's for "boyz night", which was gonna be beer n' pizza, but then she kicked it up a notch, and decided to stay in and cook (so, we renamed it "gay boyz night"). I grabbed a bottle of pinot and headed over (again, sitting in traffic for over an hour! Steelers! dang it!). She had a lovely assortment of cheeses, then served butternut squash crepes with sauteed kale with barley (yuh-um!), and an applesauce cake for dessert with caramelized apples and maple whipped cream. Dang. This girl is a whiz in the kitchen and an excellent hostess. And, also introduced me to Miss Leslie. Miss Leslie does not tolerate slovenly and vulgar behaviour! You have been warned!


Jess said...

your hair was lookin pretty fly!

nowlze said...

do you know you're on that artist dude's flickr page?

effing genius!

sorry i can't make it to the burgh. i am sick. even my hair aches. bleh.