Thursday, November 15, 2007

get your turk on

Hi all,

I just got this email from Carrie at Farm to Table regarding getting orders for local, organic Thanksgiving turkeys. So, for the meat-eaters out there looking for a bird, she's taking orders today only, so act quickly (most other local outlets for heritage and/or organic turkeys have already filled their orders.

In other news, I'll try to write some stuff later, but just wanted to get this posted because of the time crunch!

Buy Local!

Sorry for such short notice! I have been very busy preparing for a conference in DC that I just returned from.

If you are still in need of a FRESH, healthy, great tasting, locally raised, organic, soy free, grass fed turkey – I am taking orders TODAY ONLY.

More information:

· Orders must be received no later than 10pm tonight. I will order a few extra (these will be on a first come first serve basis for those of you who did not receive this message in time).

· These are broad breasted white turkeys (not a heritage breed).

· Fed organic, soy free grain along with their grass and bug diet from being outdoors all summer.

· Birds will not come with a USDA certified organic label - only because the farmer will be processing them himself as there are no USDA certified organic poultry processors in the area.

· Necks and organs will be included. (if you do not want them please let me know and we will remove them for you before you pick your bird up).

· Feet are available on request (when making soup from the turkey carcass, adding the feet will make for a wonderful, nutritious broth)

· Turkeys will average 15-25lbs and we will do the best we can to fill any requested weights (but no guarantees).

· The cost is $3.00/lb with a $2 per turkey delivery fee. (I am not marking this up at all).

· Birds will be processed tomorrow – Friday, November 16 – and stored just above freezing until delivery.

· Turkeys will be delivered on Monday to my house on Ashland Ave in Mt. Lebanon. You must pick your order up by 9pm Monday night.

Turkeys are also great for all your other holiday dinners but you must purchase your turkey now as they will not be available later. I may be able to store some turkeys but will have to charge some nominal storage fee to do so.

Call me if you have any questions. 412-337-1671.

Carrie Hahn

Hahn's Farm to Table

322 Ashland Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15228

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