Thursday, November 8, 2007


When the weather gets cold all I want to do is hibernate in pajamas with lots of blankets and pets and snacks and dvds and books and magazines. I am anti-leaving the house. Since hibernation isn't an option for my gainful employment I make do by cooking comfort foods. So, tonight I'm leaving the house for Queer Book Club, but I'm taking some (modified) colcannon with me. It's one of my favoritest, comfiest foods. I cooked some potatoes last night so I'd be all ready to go after work today. I'm adding in cabbage, chard, spinach, and also adding garlic, parmesan and some white truffle oil. So, even though colcannon might be weird as a snack food, I don't think anyone will mind. I mean, who doesn't like mashed potatoes?
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Okay, that's all I got today, folks. It's been a long day.

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