Sunday, April 6, 2008

who could hurt a k-bear???

A big brutish pitbull, that's who. Not that I'm saying all pitbulls are bad. But, I am saying it IS bad to have an aggressive one off-leash in the dog park.

On Thursday evening I was walking into the off-leash area with Zeke (my dog-sit pal, and spottiest man about town) and Caleb. I'd just taken off Zeke's leash, and was bending down to take off Caleb's when he was charged and attacked by the aforementioned pitbull. And, then pack mentality took over, and several other dogs got into the mix. I thought I'd been bit at first, too, but only got a couple scratches and bruises. Caleb, on the other hand, sustained some bad facial injuries. A couple milimeters higher and he would've lost his eye.

Here's a link for the post-attack photo. I'm posting it as a link so you don't have to see it if you don't want to. It actually looks worse in person, but you get the idea.

I rushed him to the vet, and they gave me two options--to have surgery right then, and take the chance that his organs could handle the anesthesia (he's over twelve years old), or to try cortizone, antibiotics and neosporin first, and then reevaluate if it's not healing properly. Option 2 results in a slower healing time, and bigger scar, but also didn't potentially risk his life by putting him under anesthesia without the blood test to see if he could handle it (the test would take overnight to come back, at which point the surgery option would be moot; if he has to have surgery later, they'll have to "trim" the tissue first).

So, I opted for Option 2. And, it actually seems to be already starting to heal. He was pretty sore and stiff for the first couple of days, but seems to be pretty much feeling back to normal now. It was just a really scary experience for both of us.

I found the owner yesterday, and she agreed to pay the vet bill, but still seems to feel it's okay to take her dog into the park. I'm relieved about the first part, but bummed about the second part. I'm not going to take Caleb to that dog park anymore, and am considering whether we should possibly just avoid dog parks from here on out. This stinks because dog parks are his favorite spots. (It was in West Park, in the North Side adjacent to the Mexican War Streets, fyi).

[This is the second time Caleb has been attacked by a pitbull. The first time was ten years ago, right after we'd moved to Pittsburgh. That time his arm (right front leg) was fractured. That time it was a dog in the neighborhood with an owner, but off leash].

I wish dog owners would be more responsible--especially when they have a dog that powerful in their care.

If you're a dog-owner, please be responsible, and also be cognizant about the other dogs around you and their demeanors. And, please wish the K-Bear a speedy recovery.


nowlze said...

oh my god!!! mama's little tulip!!

this really pisses me OFF!!! do you think your vet could try o alk some sense into the pet owner when she makes arrangements to pay the bill?

i know i am grasping at straws here. i just wish there was some way to get through to people the INSANITY of having their little sweetheart off leash when their dog HURTS OTHER DOGS!!! crazy.

maybe you could send them a muzzle in the mail as a gift? along with a steaming turd from the k bear?

please give him extra kisses from his aunt nowlze.

(also, it was so great o see you and meet barbara! i loved your nyc recap!) xo

AZ said...

That's horrible! Poor K-Bear. I think you should call Animal Control or whoever is in charge of these things and report the attack to them. There should be am official record of this dog's aggression. Plus I think it stinks that you now feel like you don't want to go to dog parks anymore. :(

Nix Sidhe said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I wish there was some sort of recourse for these things. That dog obviously shouldn't be in the dog park as it's a danger to people and dogs a like.

Karen D. said...

Oh puppy, I'm so sorry that you both had to endure this episode. I hope that K-bear heals quickly and I wish that all dog owners were as aware as you are. Keep your heads up Ehrrin and K-bear.

Sue said...

I'm sorry for you both. Poor Caleb. I walk my dogs in West Park and never go near the off-leash area. In fact, I'm nervous walking in general because people are so irresponsible.

On the dog list, people often talk about these issues. I think all the dog owners should chip in to hire an off-duty cop to monitor the off leash area.

Was her dog licensed and vaccinated? You could report her for that. You could also file a report with Animal Control and ask them to patrol a bit more often.

Poor baby. Deus and Xander send woofs.