Wednesday, March 26, 2008

no time for nuthin'

Halloo, peeps. I hope you all had a nice Easter, if you swing that way. I did. Barbara and I went to her mom's on Saturday night, and woke up to easter baskets (so fun!). Then we went to her sister's for lunch, which was awesome--I brought scalloped potatoes (loosely based on this recipe). Her sister (Debbie) made ham (and some veggie-rice cakes for us vegetarians), this really awesome sweet potato/pineapple/apple/cranberry dish, homemade rolls, her mom made broccoli casserole (and made B & I each an individual one to take home!)...I feel like I'm forgetting some stuff...and some delicious brownies and ice cream for dessert. When we were sitting down to dinner I also pulled off an AWESOME gag based on the whoopee cushion I got in my easter basket. Hi-larious.

In other news, Hurd has left the building. Well, actually, left the Greater Pittsburgh Area for New Orleans. Town just won't be the same.

And, in other, other news E-dawg is heading down to Atlanta this weekend to run her first full marathon!! Send her speed and endurance vibes!

And, in other, other, other news Barbara and I are headed to The Big Apple for a long weekend tomorrow. I can't wait! I'll report back on our many meals next week.


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AZ said...

Totally didn't know Hurdcakes was leaving! What will she be doing in NO? Did she sell her house?