Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I loaded all my images in on Friday evening for my bloggin' extravaganza on Saturday morning, and NEW computer broke. Yep, the laptop I bought one mere month ago. The display went out. And, despite the best efforts of the help desk, it didn't come back. Now I have to wait for a mailer, ship it in, wait for the repair, and then to have it re-shipped home. It could be as long as a month. And, my hard drive will be wiped. My heart is broken.

And, then a couple hours later my glasses broke. Snapped in half. Luckily the awesome lady at Perle Vision in Waterworks (thanks, Jamie!) was able to find a pair of frames that kinda fit my lenses, and was able--through heat and ingenuity--to reform the frames around my lenses. Phew! blogging was foiled despite my solemn swear.

But, I'm going to try to get some time on a computer in the next few days because now I have even *more* to report! I did some great eating this weekend. On Saturday, Barbara and I went over to the home of our pals Liz and Emily (and Ben B-R, Erma and Janet-Angel-of-the-Lord) for a Liz-made Indian feast, and I went to one of Kevin Sousa's guerrilla dinners last night that was really fun and delicious.


Anonymous said...

did you take pics at kevin's dinner? i love his stuff. i am really sorry (for once) to be on the west coast & miss his guerrilla dinners right now. p.s. have you read "secret suppers," or whatever, the book on underground dining, my dear goodreads friend?

Ehrrin said...

I didn't take my camera to the dinner, but wish I had.

And, THANK YOU! I'd been trying to remember the name of that book. I haven't read it, but read something about it in...maybe the NYT?...not long ago. I'm going to look for that one.

Anonymous said...

it may have been the NYT. i can't remember where i read about it, but i knew WE HAD TO READ IT. i have a request in to the library for it. i cant believe anyone but me cares about it in olympia.