Tuesday, January 27, 2009

oh, dang.

Luckily, I've been doing better with my eating than with my blogging. Although, a combination of some hard times and a surly uterus did contribute to a couple un-diet-y indulgences this past weekend. For the most part I'm going okay. Thirteen pounds down, and I'm feeling good about it. Just over half way to my first goal of twenty-five pounds. Woot!

And, I've definitely been doing some good eatin'. Last night I made this recipe for Orange Pan-Glazed Tempeh, recently featured on 101cookbooks.com. As Heidi promises, it's lick-your-plate good. It's a recipe that she tweaked by Jude Blereau. Her new cookbook (that contains this recipe) isn't available in the US yet, but I found her previous one used on amazon, and it should arrive any day. I can't wait.

I paired the tempeh with wheatberries, per Heidi's suggestion, and Barbara made some garlic green beans to go with it. It was a taste and textural dream! Really. Make this tonight.

Other recent highlights have been:
-Heidi's firecracker cornbread with spicy rice and beans
-homemade flour tortillas for burritos with leftover spicy rice and beans
-chili verde with seitan (using one of my holiday gifts - some of Chef Bill Fuller's home-canned green chili sauce)

And, just for fun, here's a picture of our dogs in their new coats!


I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

okay ... wheatberries ... LOVE Them. So I bought some.


Hard as rocks ... I cooked them twice as long as the directions?

Is the secret soaking? need to know. I need to know. I love wheatberries something fierce also would love any recipes you have with these wonderful things.

Ehrrin said...

Hey Tornado,

I don't soak my wheat berries first, but many people do. I like them very chewy, but you can make them softer by covering them with a couple inches of water and soaking overnight. Then rinse and drain them, and cook with about 3 cups water to 1 cups wheat berries and a dash of salt.

I hope that helps!