Thursday, June 26, 2008

the neverending move

I finally moved the remainder of my stuff last night! I never have to go to Troy Hill again. Thank the baby jesus.

The new house is great, but boxes are littering the place, so we still have a way to go. But, after everything (or most everything) is situated, I'll post some pics. It's going to be really cute.

I haven't been cooking much at all because where's my big saucepan? where's my chef's knife? where's my mixing bowl? and on and on and so forth. But, I've promised B a home-cooked meal this evening, and I've got some gorgeous CSA goods so cooking will happen come hell or high water. I'm thinking a veggie pappardelle with spring pesto and a big salad with a citrusy vinaigrette and some crusty, chewy bread. Will report back.

In other news, you may remember my pal Kramer from various posts. She just started a really cool blog of her own that is like an Amber Alert for bikes in the Pittsburgh area. She just started it today, and it's such a great idea. You bike riders out there should check it out, now-like. Also, for the bike riders in the Burgh, check out this great multi-event bike extravaganza, Pittsburgh Bike Fest.

One of Kramer's other bike-related good deeds:

As for myself, I hadn't ridden my bike since last summer until a few nights ago. I was weak and winded, but it felt good. I want to get back into it, and get to the point where hills (even tiny ones) don't make me feel like I'm gonna die. Wish me luck (I need it).

Pedal on, peeps.

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