Thursday, October 1, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaack....

I thought when I came to check this blog after--eek!--nearly six months, that it would have been overgrown with weeds and brambles, and I'd need a scythe just to find it. But, wouldn't you know? It was right here, patiently waiting for me to come back. Not even tapping its foot with irritation. So, I'm going to give it a go again, and see what happens.

Speaking of happenings, there have been SO many since I last checked in here! Here are some highlights:
-we moved (again) to a new apartment. love the neighborhood, but hate the heroin business our neighbors are running upstairs and just the general too-closeness of living in an apartment building
-we got en-gay-ged!!!!!! yep, our engagement shower is on this Saturday. We have friends and family coming into town especially. So awesome! Super-casual potluck style on the afternoon after we ...
-are running our first 5K!!! Can you believe it? We started training in June, and it actually happens on Saturday (if you happen to be out and about in Shadyside on Saturday morning between 8-9 am, cheer for us and/or sing "Don't Stop Believin'" as we jog past you)! I'm half thrilled, half terrified.
-have eaten a bunch of new things--new recipes, old favorites, new restaurants, old favorites

So much to catch up on! And, I will make an effort to do that.

And, here's a little tidbit for you hot from the presses:
I was very excited when I learned a few weeks ago that a new little donut shop had opened in the Strip, right near my favorite coffee spot, 21st Street Coffee. Until...bum, bum, buhhhmm...someone forwarded me the owner's blog yesterday. It's so crazy that at first I wasn't sure it was even real. But, it checks out. It's frighteningly real. Homophobic, racist, extreme right wing hate under the guise of a good Christian fella. What would Jesus do? I think he'd probably boycott that donut shop with it's oh-so-ironic name (referencing peace and love and feeding inner hippies). Here's his blog post on the day that President Obama was inaugurated. Wow. The entire blog is just insane. Read as much as you can before you have to toss your donuts. This topic is all the buzz on the mailing list I moderate (with about 750 queer women in Pittsburgh). My favorite suggestion so far is that everyone should stop into this shop every time we're in the area and tell him that he's lost a customer. I plan on doing this every Saturday--which is when I otherwise would have been buying his donuts to enjoy with a cup of the fantastic joe from 21st Street. Sad all around.